Friday, September 13, 2019

New Toy Reveal TOMY Introduces Rizmo Holiday Hit for 2019!

Meet Rizmo, the new toy that evolves with interactive play. Rizmo stands for “Rhythm Monster,” and Rizmo is noted as the first-ever “evolving” toy. Rizmo is made by TOMY, and we got to experience the wonder of these cuties at TTPM Holiday Showcase. More on TTPM Holiday Showcase will be on our blog, YouTube channel, and IGTV, so keep checking back here and there, and everywhere! 

Rizmo has already won “Best Toy” in the Variety toy category at the Tokyo Christmas Toy Trade Show, and is slated to become the top toy of Holiday 2019 as it mixes technology with play in a fun and exciting way! Rizmo has it all - fun play modes, lights and sounds, record and repeat, fluffy and cute, and has an element of surruse sparkly eyes! 

Who is Rizmo? 

Rizmo is short for “Rhythm Monster” as Rizmo is an otherworldly creature who doesn’t speak the language your child speaks; Rizmo speaks Rizmonese. However, Rizmo bridges the gap with communication and uses the power of music and movement to promote play, as well as create a strong friendship and bond. 

Rizmo begins his journey with five play modes, including Rolling Rhythms and Record Songs. Your kiddo can sing to Rizmo, and Rizmo will sing the same song back to your child - a mode that children really actually love! My son didn’t even know Rizmo could do that, and he started singing the alphabet to him. Rizmo can also be rocked to sleep in the Rock-a-Bye mode as well. Rizmo is always learning, and when Rizmo learns a new sound or song, a bell will jingle alerting your child that A bell sound will jingle to notify your child that Rizmo has learned a new sound or song. In order to evolve, Rizmo needs a minimum of 25 musical points and 15 recorded songs 

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Rizmo is a fun, new interactive toy that sets itself apart from other toys on the market. Help Rizmo magically grow up with encouragement by clapping, talking, and playing with Rizmo. Three phases of growth will finally reach the final phase where Rizmo will continue to interact and provide hours of active play! Rizmo grows to be a kid, so he has plenty of energy to withstand hours of play! Get Rizmo this weekend on and other major retailers in time for the holiday rush! #holiday2019 #christmas #giftideas #Rizmo @tomy_toy #tomytoy #musicaltoy #igtvreview #instareview #instatoys #toystagram #toysofinstagram #techtoys #igtvcommunity #igtvfollow #instareviewers #followmyigtv #igtvchannel #igtvuser #igtvcreator #igtvconten t#igtv #igtvchannel #igtvuser #igtvcreator #igtvofinstagram #igtvvideos #igtvpage #bestigtv
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First-Ever Evolving Toy!

Don’t confuse Rizmo with other fluffy interactive toys, as I feel Rizmo provides its own unique characteristics of play that sets it apart in a big way. Rizmo starts out as a cuddly baby, and will finally evolve to a playful kid. Rizmo will meet the energetic play your own child has as Rizmo grows into a fun, playful kid in the final stage of musical and magical development! 

Rizmo responds to motion, music, and active play. With the encouragement from your child, Rizmo will evolve and magically grow from phase one, a big ball of fluff and glowing eyes, to the second phase. The second phase reveals a fluffy tail. In order to continue to each phase (there are three in all), you have to add musical points and songs to encourage Rizmo’s development. Like any child, Rizmo only grows up. Rizmo doesn’t just evolve and then playtime is over, Rizmo adds more modes of play with the third and final phase that will encourage your kiddo to get up and play!

Rizmo Gets You Moving! 

Rizmo has several play modes and is color-coded by its eyes, which get kids to really interact with Rizmo! Rizmo responds to movement, listen and repeats songs your child sings, dances, and so much more! The last phase of evolution adds two more play modes and more lights in his belly, which signal your child to play games and even have a dance party! Rizmo encourages movement as well as provides key social development through play. Your child will encourage Rizmo to play, grow, and have fun and in turn, this play will give your child.

First Phase: Big Ball of Fluff!

Element of Surprise

Coming in a variety of colors at launch, there are no surprise s to what you will get, choose from Berry, Aqua and Snow, however, the element of surprise is still a trait with Rizmo.  Kids can choose their favorite color Rizmo to evolve, but the will get a surprise musical style like Pop Star, Hip-Hop Star, Rock Star, and Electro Star, and this genre will stay a surprise once Rizmo is fully evolved. Rizmo also has different sparkly eye colors that are also a surprise. 

Rizmo will be available on this weekend for $59.99 and will continue to hit the store shelves in time for the holiday season. Rizmo will be a hot item this holiday season, and I already foresee it not staying on the shelves long! 

Rizmo has a suggested retail price of $59.99 and will be available at Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and others. "Where to Buy" links will be updated once Rizmo arrives from the stars! 

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