Tuesday, September 17, 2019

15+ Top Toys for Holiday 2019 by Jakks Pacific - Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Harry Potter and more!

Christmas is less than 100 days away! 

The first leaf has not quite fallen here in NY, but I am already checking my list for the big guy and have my eye on several products by Jakks Pacific. This year’s toy line includes many products that promote pretend play, will get kids up and moving, and also include that age-old element of surprise that kids absolutely love! From Disney Princess to storming Bowser’s Castle to save Princess Peach, there are plenty of toys for kids and big kids at heart. I saw a bunch of new products at the TTPM Holiday Showcase, and these are the top toys for fans of Super Mario, Harry Potter, Little Mermaid, Toy Story, and more!

Look at these toys, aren’t they neat? 

Celebrate 30 years of The Little Mermaid with Jakks Pacific’s adorable line of The Little Mermaid themed products. 

Start with the Ariel Music & Lights Vanity. Packaged like fancy luggage, the unique clamshell shaped vanity opens up to a whole new world of wonder and magical discovery. The vanity plays “Under the Sea” and it also lights up. The set includes the vanity Flounder jar with lid, ply perfume bottle, tiara, a pair of earrings, pretend to play curling iron, a brush shaped like a dinglehopper, a comb, and found bracelets. 

Make Ariel part of your world in real life with the 32-inch tall Ariel doll. Ariel is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees. She is also really lightweight so it’s easy for your little one to pose and play. The doll looks so realistic and your little one will love brushing her iconic long, red hair. Pair the doll with the Ariel Lights & Music Vanity to take pretend play to a whole new level of fun. Get Ariel on Amazon for under $60!

Life is the bubbles with this imaginative Little Mermaid Bubble stroller that will give your little one plenty of pretend play storylines. Play outdoors with the bubble option, or use indoors for hours of pretend play. This stroller has realistic settings just like a real stroller, so little ones will love placing their dolls (up to 14-inches) inside for magical walks exploring a whole new world. Pair this with the Ariel toddler doll for some added magical fun! Find it now for the holiday rush for $59.99. 

Toys that Work Hard and Play Hard!

Let’s start with a brand new toy by Jakks Pacific that has that wow factor, the new X-Power Dozer. The X-Power Dozer is a bulldozer that packs a big punch, it has a high torque motor that can push or even pull up to 200 lbs! Kids can play indoors or outdoors, and they will seriously have a blast pushing and pulling anything that isn’t nailed down. We saw the X-Power Dozer in action twice, and both times it proved its worth! First we saw it pushing pounds of paper confetti, it had to be about 50 lbs worth of confetti that came from a giant piñata. Then we saw it again in action and it pushed a whole garden of rocks. Not only did it push, but it even climbed the rocks like it was scaling a mountain of cotton. The price is right at $59.99 (on Amazon under $55), you’ve got endless play value, lights and sounds, and it’s also an indoor/outdoor toy.  

Jakks Pacific also makes a bunch of other fun vehicles like Mr. Banks or Mr. Hosey. Check out our review of Mr. Banks, my son’s favorite way to save money! 

Wise Cracking’ Fun!

As a plumber’s daughter, I feel it necessary to share the hilarity of the Toilet Paper Blasters Sheet Storm. This is more of a big kid's toy and a novelty than anything, but kids eight and up can join in on the fun, too. Fill the Blaster with water, pump it up to create a rapid-fire shootout of toilet paper spitballs. You just need one roll of toilet paper to create 350+ spitballs. It’s neater than paintball, and actually easier to clean up!  Just pump and blast your opponents of the toilet! Get it for $39.99 on Amazon, and be the talk of the loo. You can now also find Skid Shot, a similar blaster for just $9.99 on Amazon

If toilets are your thing, then pair the Toilet Paper Blaster with something sweet! Chocolate Poop Maker pairs the novelty of chocolate candy making with a quirky kid’s obsession - poop! Melt down the chocolate, pour it in the toilet bowl, and then use the plunger to remove sweet treats of poop shaped chocolate! You can even use own our chocolate from home. I would make fun varieties like Krispees Poop, Popcorn Poop, and more! Get this silly set just $9.99 for ages six and up. 

Prehistoric Gigantic Fun!

Gigantosaurus, the new Disney Junior show has stomped its way into my our hearts. We just love watching the merry band of dinosaurs navigating everyday life in Crustacea. We follow along friends Tiny, Bill, Mazu, Cror, and more as they keep a watchful eye on Giganto! Keep Giganto in check at home too with the Roar & Stomp Giganto doll for $29.99. He really does roar and his mouth opens wide, too. Kids will love making him stomp, because with each step you can hear the thunderous stomp that belongs to Giganto. Roar & Stomp Giganto has six points of articulation: legs, arms, tail, and his mouth. Roar & Stomp Giganto is actually the perfect size at 15-inches long and 8-inches tall, so you can easily pair Giganto with the other Gigantosaurus figures that Jakks Pacific has out now. From poseable figures and vehicles, there are plenty to choose from. For the younger kids, plush dolls featuring the cast of the show are the perfect gift option. The 4-pack gift set is just $12.99 on Amazon. Gigantosaurus Mobiles that bounce up and down are just $9.97 each and feature fixed figures inside the vehicles. Watch our unboxing video on YouTube and IGTV!  

Save the Princess!

Bowser’s Castle Playset is perfect for any gamer kid or big kid at heart - like me! Explore two-sided action from the front to the inside of the castle where iconic sounds from the gameplay. Trigger the in-game sounds and music by pressing the top spire to relive the magic of your childhood! Fireballs and cage included for realistic pretend play in real life. This set also includes a 2.5” Bowser figure, and also plays well with most 2.5” figures. The price is right at just $39.99 on Amazon. It’s a massive display of awesomeness, and I highly recommend it for playtime for kids ages three and up, or for the massive gamer/collector as it will look amazing on a shelf with other collectibles. 

Go to Infinity and Beyond…in your Living Room

Toy Story 4 gave us all of the feels. Keep Buzz close and explore the gamma squadron of sector four with your very own Buzz Lightyear Star Command Center! This is a luxury gift, but you get a lot of bang for your buck as there are many modes of play. Stand upright in Launch Mode and man Star Command; give out orders over your own PA-style system that really works. Kids will love talking in that microphone and announcing their countdown to blast off. I can also picture kids using the upright mode (Launch Mode)  to create an intergalactic drive-thru fast food restaurant. Fight off Evil Emperor Zurg with the blaster buttons and joystick with trigger action, and practice your skills with the moving targets. Flight mode is horizontal where pilots can blast off into space while sitting down in the cockpit. If that wasn’t enough, turn over the console panel and reveal a mini desk for study time or to plan out your next adventure! Available now for $119.99 on Amazon, and for ages four and up. More Toy Story themed products by Jakks Pacific include Andy’s Toy Box, Toy Story figure set, and Buzz Lightyear blaster. 

Wise Gift Choices

Take home Hedwig, Harry Potter’s trusty owl. With 12 realistic, owl-like movements, interact with Hedwig and watch as she responds to your voice by turning her head. Hedwig is not only beautiful, but her details are very realistic, and any Potter fan would be proud to receive such a gift. Wise choice, indeed. Find Hedwig the owl for $19.99 for on Amazon ages four and up. 

Pair Hedwig with the Harry Potter wave die-cast wands for $4.99 each. Now you can collect wands from Narcissa Malfoy, a Death Eater’s wand, or even Neville Longbottom’s wand in four-inch scale. Each of the wands is resting on a beautiful stand that looks like the magic of the pensieve. These wands are tried and true collectibles!

High Five for Toys!

Slap Ninja is a fun, new game by Jakks Pacific that tests your ninja skills. Test your reflexes and see who is the slyest and fastest ninja in the East. You can choose your destiny - to be a Ninja Master and protect your coin or be the Ninja Student and try to not get slapped and tap the coin. Either way, it’s knee-slapping fun! Available now for $19.99 on Amazon and for ages four and up.  

Surprise Party Gifts! 

Piñata Fiesta are a fun new way to reveal surprise toys. Each piñata comes with a ring or a bracelet to attach your charms, so you can wear your collectibles. You can collect mini charms like winking hot dogs, metallic treats and shapes, spicy peppers, rainbows, tacos, and watermelons - each charm explodes with personality! When you pull the string, a mystery compartment opens up and out pops your charm or jewelry pieces along with colorful confetti. You can get Piñata Fiesta at Walgreen’s and Hot Topic for $6.99 each.

You can also create your own Piñata with the Piñata Fiesta Activity sets. Choose from a donkey, pony, unicorn, rainbow, taco, and more! These sets are so much fun because kids can create their very own piñata from scratch. Each set even include Piñata Fiesta surprises, stickers, and more! Each set is $16.99 on Amazon

Who’s Your Llama? are my favorite figures, and kids love them too! These adorable llamas come in RV-shaped packages and each have fun outfits and different personalities. Each Llama is capable of doing one of four silly features: they may spit, wink, stick their tongue out, or crack a big toothy smile. Some llamas like to move fast like Roller Llama, some are sleepy like Dreamy Llama, and some are sandwich experts like Deli Llama. Get the 2-pack on Amazon for the best bang for your buck for under $13! 

Let's Go Shopping!

We’ve started off really strong, but there are more toys to show you! Make sure you follow my blog and my social media accounts to get informed of new toys by Jakks Pacific first! You can watch our Jakks Pacific unboxing videos on our YouTube channel too to see how these amazing toys work. 

To make your shopping easier, I included links where possible. These are affiliate links that cost you zero dollars to click through. I get a really small commission just for you to buy through my link. Even if you don’t purchase that product, I appreciate the click! Your support helps me buy more coffee, more toys, and more diapers! Thank you! Happy Shopping!


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