Wednesday, September 25, 2019

New Toy Reveal! Hairdooz Series 2 NEONZ & New Hairdooz Minidooz

Hairdooz are Back and Brighter Than Ever!

With 12 new Hairdooz dolls to collect for series 2, your collection will shine bright! One ultra-rare Hairdooz even glows in the dark. Bottled in a new color, NEON orange, makes the shampoo bottles totally pop! Thank you Headstart Toys for sending us new Hairdooz for our "revooz!"

Surprise in a Bottle

Spin to reveal your Hairdooz just like series one, and inside you will find the Hairdooz doll, a cape, their stand, their seat, a suction cup, and maybe a pair of glasses if your Hairdooz needs them, plus a full-color collector’s guide! There are two variations for each doll with different, colorful and intricate hairstyles. Plus, they all have a “frooty scent!” Make sure you add this new mystery toy to your Holiday shopping list. Series 2 Hairdooz NEONZ comes out to North America this October 2019 for $12.99 each.

Tiny is Mighty!

Now joining the Hairdooz “croo” are the new Minidooz! Minidooz are mini versions of Hairdooz dolls. They are packaged in neat spinning nail polish bottles. Spin to reveal a mini Hairdooz doll perched on her little chair. Each Minidooz has a fun hairstyle that pertains to her personality, and each one is scented. Their scents are scrumptious! You can decorate your nails (or their little nail polish capsules) with the included stickers. They also include a suction cup to stick them to a window or to a mirror. Plus there is a hole at the bottom of their seat make them fun and fancy pencil toppers! Minidooz are available now in-store at Five Below. They will make the perfect Stocking Stuffer for under $5.

Why I Love the Hairdooz Line of Dolls

What I love about the Hairdooz line is that the play doesn’t end with revealing your doll. The Hairdooz containers act as a playset and even a storage container for your Hairdooz. Create a whole salon-style set up on your child’s vanity table for a whimsical look. You can even decorate a mirror with Hairdooz and Minidooz hanging out for some style inspiration. 

For series 3, I hope we see some accessories for the Hairdooz. I think that will further enhance playtime without compromising the overall feel and look of Hairdooz. They really are just fun dolls with no fuss for changing outfits. Your kiddos will love collecting them all!

Thank you to Headstart Toys again for sending us this sneak peek of Series 2 Hairdooz NEONS and the new Minidooz for our review! Check out Headstart Toys other great toys that we really do enjoy like Baby Secrets, Micro Wheels, and Ooshies! 

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