Friday, September 6, 2019

Happy Grandparents' Day! Save 15% from Radio Flyer on the Gifts that they Really Want!

Grandparents’ Day is Sunday, September 8 in the US! What better way then to celebrate with a gift for the grandkids! That’s right, I said the grandkids. There is nothing more fun than watching grandparents and their grandchildren hang out and have fun together. Radio Flyer has great products for just that and they’re offering for this weekend only a great sale using a 15% coupon code only (coupon code:  RFGRAND). There are considerable savings on the following items, so check them out and shop away! Create everlasting memories with a product that will last for generations. Radio Flyer will also plant a tree with every toy purchase. Enjoy free shipping and free warranty when you register your product. 

Join in on the wacky races with this super cute Go Kart by Radio Flyer. Geared for ages three to eight, the toddler to budding adolescent will enjoy racing at speeds of 2.5, 5, and 8 mph), paired with an automatic braking system, and parent-controlled speed lock, and seat belt. Safety is the top priority, which gives grandparents and parents peace of mind! Sporting a highly visible racing flag, the grandkids will have so much fun drag racing down the driveway, all while being cheered on by Grandma and Grandpa! It comes with a rechargeable battery for hours of enjoyment! It’s available now on, and for $299. 

For little ones, the Scoot About Sport is a ride-on fit for one to three year olds. The scooting aspect keeps little ones seated and still moving about while steering the movable steering wheel, which promotes gross motor skills and strengthening their core muscles. A storage area allows for some room to bring along some snacks for their great adventure! Available now for $29.97 on, and on 

Customize and create the ultimate wagon for Grandparents to load up the grandkids and take a stroll for ice cream with the Build-a-Wagon! With over 400+ combinations, you can customize your very own wagon to create a wagon with mixed materials like seven styles of fabric, steel, wood, sturdy plastic, and more! This personalized wagon will make the perfect gift. Not only does it look great, but it’s totally functional as it may just carry the whole crew. With a weight limit of 150 pounds, pile all of the kids and head out on the town. Great for parading your grandkids arounds or even just using this for a quick trip to the store. Starting at $115 at, the Build-a-Wagon makes the perfect gift for Grandparents’ Day!

Speed on over to Grandma’s in the fun Pedal Racer! This sharp looking vehicle is fully kid-powered allowing for keeping the driver on the move, and Grandparents on the go, too! The Pedal Racer is adjustable and built to grow with your child up to 59 pounds, adjust as your child grows with no tools required. Geared for racers ages two to nine years for $79.99 on and on 

The Little Red Roadster is a favorite of mine! It’s classic styling, and rich Radio Flyer red is reminiscent of years gone by. It has such a great retro look that I know many Grandparents will appreciate as well.  With an all steel body, real rubber tires, along with real working steering, and a fun horn that goes “beep-beep,” kids will love to coast the streets of Grandma and Grandpa’s block! Priced right at $59.99 on, and also available on

Grandparents will enjoy watching their grandkids scoot along in a customized scooter. I wish I had this when I was a kid, because I would have totally scooted over to their house! For ages three up, kids will enjoy the vibrant colors and smooth ride. Personalize your scooter with four color choices: red, blue, purple, and pink. With Radio Flyer’s learn to steer technology will improve balance and coordination. Customize the scooter with over 250 combinations, add streamers, light-up wheels, bells, and more! Starting at $49.99 on, grandparents will get a kick out of this cool scooter that will remind them of their days scooting down Main Street!

The Creativity Car is the perfect toy that can stay at the Grandparents house as it provides a fun ride-on feature and a bunch of cool features like moving cogs and buttons. Great for toddlers strengthening their walking skills, ages one to three years old. A storage compartment and honking horn will give this little car some extra pizazz, and hours of enjoyment! Get it for $29.99 on and on

The Tinker Car is a great ride-on toy that has over 18 interactive modes of play. Toddlers aged one to three will enjoy sensory play that will help build confidence and develop fine and gross motor skills. Under-seat storage allows for a hidden toy compartment. Toddlers can ride, walk, and play all day! The red color makes it sort of look like a fire truck, so you can add in some imaginative pretend play in there too! Available at a great price of $30 on, and on 

The ultimate splurge would be to give the sports car to Grandpa that he always wanted - the Radio Flyer Tesla S for kids is the ultimate gift to end all gifts in the history of gift-giving! The Tesla S for kids is the only powered ride-on toy that uses lithium-ion batteries, Flight Speed Lithium-Ion technology to provide a smooth ride leaving a low impact on the environment. Plus, the charge time is less, but the ride time is longer. Travel at 3 mph or switch to 6 mph. Equipped at purchase are working headlights, forward and reverse, a frunk (front trunk), spacious interior for one, speaker for an MP3 player, and working horn. Add on a personalized license plate, a car cover, a parking sign, a longer charge battery, matte black or chrome wheels, and choose from four different Tesla colors like red, blue, black, or white. Starting at $599, Unfortunately, the Tesla for kids is not eligible to stack with the coupon code but you can try! For kids ages three to eight and up to 81 pounds. 

You can use the coupon all over, use it now for great savings and enjoy free shipping when you sign up to join the Radio Flyer family!

Happy Grandparents’ Day, and thank you for all that you do!

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