Monday, September 9, 2019

New Calico Critters Dollhouse Furniture & Accessories! Create and Decorate a Miniature World for Open-Ended Play

The Calico Critters are redecorating with new furniture and accessories just in time for the holiday season. Create a whole new world of imaginative play with the Village Furniture and Accessories to gift to your Calico Critters collector. Included in this post are affiliate links with the best prices from Amazon! I'm passing the savings on to you! If you want to purchase in-store, check the store locator on Calico Critters' website and support your local toy and hobby shop! 

Stella has been busy with your interior design business helping other Critters redesign their homes and cottages. With working features that mimic working appliances, Calico Critters further allows the opportunity for open ended play.  Epoch Everlasting Play sent us a whole collection of new furniture and accessories to help give our Critters’ home a complete makeover.  

Bake and create beautiful dishes on this beautiful Kitchen Island that has nooks and plenty of storage for all of the included accessories. The waffle and donut maker has interchangeable plates create either treat. The Mixer has working parts to “mix” up your ingredients like flour, milk, and eggs. The farm sink gives that added touch of a modern country kitchen. This set is $12.95 and for ages three and up. Create a great room with the Calico Critters Comfy Critter Set for $9.99.  Add in some more accessories to your kitchen island by adding the Breakfast Playset for $12.95, which includes loads of adorable miniatures to add some more realism to the Calico Critters’ world. Breakfast dishes adorned with intricate sunny side eggs, a basket full of fruit, a pop-up toaster, a blender, utensils and platers, and even a sandwich maker that makes bunny-shaped sandwiches. 

If you’re a Critter on the go, you know heating up food fast is important! This is why the Microwave Cabinet is a must for the Critters! Heat up a yummy pie in minutes with this nearly true to life microwave that fits beautifully on the acorn adorned cabinet. Turn the dial and watch the microwave turn red inside to show that it’s heating up. Any minute now you’ll be able to serve a yummy treat to the Critters. Open and close doors reveal a storage space perfect for your kitchen accessories and small appliances. It’s $11.95, but find it on Amazon now for under $7! 

The Calico Critters can multitask while the pie is baking, throw in a load of laundry in the working washing machine the Laundry and Vacuum Center. The front-loading washer includes a pink garment to wash. Turn the dial on the side and watch as the washer fills up with sudsy water! Keep your floors squeaky clean with a 2-in-1 upright vacuum cleaner. Get every nook and cranny with the detachable dust buster. This set is $11.95, but you can find it on Amazon now for under $7. 

Shed some light on these adorable accessories from the Wall Lamps and Curtains set with the ornate and decorate gilded sconces that fit only in the Red Country Home. The intricate sconces are so detailed and just adorable. The globes look like clear glass and really expensive. Give the Calico Critters some privacy in style with curtain rods for hanging, and even decorate bows to complete the look. This set is $12.95, but on Amazon it is about $11! 

What a long day for the Critters, snuggle up with a Critter-foam mattress from the Bed and Comforter set that conforms to their little bodies for maximum comfort. The cozy blanket and pillow complete the look and goes beautifully with the detailed bed that has wooden accents. This set is $11.99, and will complete any bedroom makeover. 

Thank you so much Epoch Everlasting Play and Calico Critters for sending us these adorable sets! Playing with playsets like Calico Critters helps promote open-ended pretend play, and will further your kiddo’s imagination. Calico Critters gives you the canvas to create stories and scenes to help give your child a voice and encourage positive self-esteem.   

Do your kids collect and play with Calico Critters? Calico Critters have been around for nearly 35 years, and continue to bring the magic and wonder of play in the palms of your hands. 

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