Saturday, September 7, 2019

Hot Toy Alert! Be-YOU-tology by Roseart DIY Make-up Kit for Aspiring Mini MUA!

Looking for the perfect DIY kit for the aspiring make-up artist in your life? Then Be-YOU-tology line of products will make the perfect gift! We tested out the Luxe Beauty Bar courtesy of Roseart, with gratitude, and we created our very own lip glosses! It was so easy to create our lip glosses that we could have made more in the video, but the unedited video was 45 minutes long; we were just having so much fun! My niece Sofia really enjoyed the experience, and without hesitation took the whole kit home with her! She's a tween going on 13, so is right up her alley. Go and check out our video! 

Using vibrant shades of pinks, blues, and purples, your kiddo can create lip gloss, eye shadow, or even a highlighter to accentuate your kiddo's natural beauty. This is allergen-friendly, so don't be wary about this product should your child have skin sensitivity. 

Be-YOU-tology is a whole DIY kit that walks you through the steps to create your own lip gloss, eye shadow, and blush. It's seriously so simple: crush, blend, and wear! The menu cards have three different finishes that will give you a subtle, sparkly, or glam look. With Be-YOU-tology, kids can create their own make-up line, and channel their inner make-up artist. Toys like Be-YOU-tology promote the science of play - from measuring to mixing, kids will become beauty scientists while playing with Be-YOU-tology!

In our video, we created three different shades of lip gloss. For the eye shadow, you will need to have a small amount isopropyl alcohol to place in the dropper.  We had none at the time! We had fun creating three custom lip stains through using the tools and color pearls provided. The Luxe Beauty Bar is a fancy dispenser for the pearls, and it holds the accessories together to create a mini make-up studio area. This set would be a great gift for the holidays or for a birthday gift as it is priced at just $29.99, it comes with so many accessories and tools that it is a great deal. You can also purchase a Lip Gloss starter kit for $9.99 that includes an extra base for the gloss, tools, and more colorful pearls. 

Big thank you to Roseart for sending us Be-YOU-tology for our review. Check out for more information on where you can find a set for the holidays season! You can find them on, and then at Target in the fall - just in time for the holidays! 

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