Thursday, August 8, 2019

Toy Review: Disney Junior Vampirina Batty Beach Cruiser - Vampirina Is Going to the Beach!

Disney Junior Vampirina Batty Beach Cruiser, Perfect Gift for Your Bat-tastic Kid!

If you have a huge Disney Junior Vampirina fan at home or even just a fan of Vampirina Ballerina books, then this adorable Batty Beach Cruiser would make the perfect gift! 

Vampirina is heading to the beach with her new Batty Beach Cruiser by Just Play. Disney Junior’s hit show, Vampirina, has the best line of toys to play recreate your favorite scenes and stories. We made up our own story in our latest video. That’s exactly what products by Just Play encourage - creative and pretend play! You can find this awesome, new Batty Beach Cruiser at stores like Walmart, Target, and on Amazon for $24.99.

The Batty Beach Cruiser is chock full of cool features. Switch it from “try me” to “play me” mode then press the star on the hood to hear familiar sounds and phrases from the show. When you press the button the headlights also light up. Inside the car, you can remove the front seats to use as spookalicious beach chairs! The Batty Beach Cruiser also comes with a beach umbrella that you can perch on the included sparkly sandcastle, or you can stick it to the back of the cruiser. You also get a cool surfboard that will fit in the back of the cruiser or even on the side! Lift the trunk to reveal a cool storage space. The included swim tube is great for decoration or the perfect size for Vampirina to use while going for a late-night batty swim! Vampirina stands about 3.5” tall and works with the other Vampirina toys by Just Play. We included our Vampirina Fangtastic Friends Set, which includes Vampirina’s parents and her friend Phoebe, and more characters!

Thank you so much to Just Play for sending us this cool, new Batty Beach Cruiser to review for our YouTube channel and blog!

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