Thursday, August 15, 2019

Hot Toy Alert! smART Pixelator Pixelate Any Image! Arts and Crafts Kit for Kids, Perler Bead Kit Review!


The holidays are just around the corner, and I have the perfect gift idea for you! smART Pixelator turns virtually any image into 2D or 3D art piece. Your child will be able to turn their favorite images into art for their bedroom walls, jewelry, and even mini 3D sculptures! Like other products by Flycatcher like the smART Sketcher, anyone can become an artist. smART Pixelator, as well as the expansions packs, are sold online and in stores at Walmart, Michael's, Target, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble for $60. Read on to why I know anyone who receives smART Pixelator as a gift will absolutely love it! The expansion packs includes sequins, beads, pegs, and more to expand the world of pixel art and are around $19-23 each. The best bang for your buck is the organizer as it comes with a handy case and a bunch of tools to create to your heart's content!

Host your own artist event with the creative power of smART Pixelator. Create whimsical 2D and 3D art pieces, and become your own designer of your personal space. Use the pre-loaded artwork, images from the SD cards, or connect your smart device to your smART Pixelator via Bluetooth to cast your own images. The possibilities are endless with smART Pixelator. When you run out of beads, don't worry, you can purchase expansion kits that come with lots of beads, sequins, pegs, and more to create as you please. Make towering figures or accessories for your toys. Create jewelry to wear and share with friends.

My son Marcello is a little artist, and I feel the smART Sketcher helped him so much with adding color and layering his art pieces. Now, working with the smART Pixelator, I see another way he can create. He started to make miniature toys for his toys! Marcello is six years old and once I set up the smART Pixelator for hi he went right to work. The first day testing the smART Pixelator he worked on his pixel art from 9 AM to 6 PM only breaking for lunch. Perfect for the artist or the kid who likes to craft is the Pixelator by Flycatcher, they are the same company who made the award-winning smART Sketcher, a product that we use at least twice a week! Flycatcher is all about creating products that kids (and adults, too) that will facilitate the need to create and do so with effortless results. We reviewed them a while back, check out our video here. The smART Pixelator is different as it has the option to create 2D and 3D designs. You arrange the beads according to the pre-loaded designs from the Pixelator’s SD cards and SD expansion packs. Once arranged, iron the design with the protective sheet, and in minutes you have a cool pixelated version of virtually anything! I say anything because like the smART Sketcher there is Bluetooth capability. Connect your device to mirror any image and pixelate it! Order it now and get a headstart on the holiday rush as I think this would be an excellent gift for anyone who loves to create! You can start pixelating everything! smART Pixelator, as well as the expansions packs, are sold online and in stores at Walmart, Michael's, Target, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Thank you so much Flycatcher for sending us the new smART Pixelator for our review! This blog post includes affiliate links. We also received this product for our review, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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