Friday, August 9, 2019

Robotics for Kids! We Built a Robot! Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit by Tinkering Labs

Looking for a STEM kit that provides solid hours of enjoyment; a set that gives a feeling of true accomplishment, and a set that is just really cool? Then you have to read on because this set by Tinkering Labs is no joke - it's probably the coolest STEM set we have ever reviewed! Kids can now turn a box full of wood and metal into mini robots! Well, not all at once. 

Tinkering Labs is a company that looks past the traditional norm of what is inside of a new box of toys for kids. Tinkering Labs provides everything a child needs to use to build and create, kids just need to bring their imaginations, and maybe some more AA batteries to keep running their awesome creations!

We received the Electric Motors Catalyst from Tinkering Labs to test out, and when I first opened the box I honestly got nervous. There were just so many parts! It really does look daunting as there are real parts in there like real wood pieces, axles, markers, rubber bands, a tin of wingnuts and screws and more - things that don’t look like they go together, but I quickly learned that they do all have a purpose.  My son looked inside that box and found a world of possibility - to create, to learn, to build - he is a natural-born artist with a dream to become a Disney Imagineer or LEGO Master Builder, so this set was truly perfect for him! Marcello turned into an engineer, an inventor, an architect, an artist and he was ready to create! However, the Electric Motors Catalyst set by Tinkering Labs is for kids ages eight and up, so we worked side by side for this one (he's nearly six). He helped with a lot of it, though, turning the included screwdriver, twisting on the wing nuts, and of course turning the battery pack on once I was done connecting the electrical components. Plus I got to explain a lot of the information that I learned along the way to him, which I think is a great way to connect with your kids, too. How often do your children sit attentively and listen to you speak about electrical wires and connecting them to springs? His interest was 100%! 

The Electric Motors Stem Kit by Tinkering Labs is a win-win, everything is contained in the canvas bag. Once tinkering is done, pack it up and put the box or keep it in the bag and place it on the shelf. Kids have their own mini workshop to go back to again and again. I think this is a great set for a gift for the holidays or even a birthday gift, or even something to keep kids busy and their minds off of the iPad during the rest of the summer.

It includes a handy instructional book, or kids can also pull inspiration from the 10 included Challenge Cards, and Tinkering Labs has a bunch of videos on their website with how-to’s for each robot. The Challenge Cards give suggestions as to what kids can build like build a robot without wheels, so your kid would have to figure out that the robot should be a robotic fish to swim in water instead. There are fun designs to create like “The Doodler” that takes two markers out for a spin, or “The Creeper” that slowly creeps along like an explorative rover, “The 4-Wheeler” that literally looks like a mini ATV, or even “The Fan” that really looks like a mini ceiling fan that really spins!  

My little Tinker Bell!

You can reuse the items included with the set, so kids can tinker again and again. Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst mixes the best of STEM learning in one unique box of materials. Not only does this set promote next level STEM play, but you’ve got the strengthening of fine motor skills, problem solving, and creativity all in one. , It also includes the greatest lesson yet — to test the limits and patience of your child. You will see a redefined sense of confidence the moment they switch on their creation. “We made a robot mom!”

The Electric Motors Catalyst is available on their site ($55) and Amazon ($59). Thank you so much to Tinkering Labs for sending us this amazing product to explore and create with, my son just loves it, and I know so many other children will, too.

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