Thursday, August 1, 2019

How to Make a Life-Sized Toy Story Forky for Your Disney Themed Party | #NowMoreThanEver Disney Playdate

How to Make a Life-Sized Toy Story Forky for Your Disney Themed Party

Toy Story 4 introduced so many new characters, but I have to say Forky is the most beloved! Did you ever think your kids would love a spork? Thanks, Pixar for endearing a utensil. Forky is so loved in our home that we had to include him in our #NowMoreThanEver Disney playdate. Disney Parks asked us and a bunch of other amazing and talented bloggers to join in on sharing why we love Disney and how we celebrate with Disney at home. It’s so easy to bring in the magic of Disney Parks into your home with just a few bucks! 

If you want to make your own life-size Forky, check out our video on YouTube or see the supplies list below! I got everything from Michael’s, but you can now buy a lot of stuff needed to make giant Forky from the Dollar Tree! We recently hosted a Disney Parks #NowMoreThanEver playdate where this giant Forky that I created was a feature to take photos with! Now, you can take photos with Forky as he is at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Toy Story Land! I love capturing the memories of our parties, and this playdate was no exception! I treat our treasured memories from visiting Disney Parks the same as well, which is why I always add on Memory Maker to every Walt Disney World vacation. At our Disney playdate, I had a "magic shots" area where we created fun photos in a Disney Photopass style photobooth - it wasn't exactly Disney Springs, but you get the idea. Including Forky was a must, even though he didn't fit into our '90s Disney movies theme, he still had to be included!

  • Foam Core (thick stock board with foam in between)
  • Exacto Knife or Sharp Scissor - to cut the shape of your spork. Kids, please ask a parent to make cuts for you! 
  • Red Giant Wiggle Arms (they look like giant pipe cleaner)
  • Blue Piper Cleaner
  • Red Pipe Cleaner
  • Giant Googly Eyes
  • Wood Sheet or Carboard to create his feet
  • Wooden Dowels for Support
  • Colored Markers to Draw the Rainbow
  • White Play-Doh - lots of it! 
  • Glue - I use hot glue because it dries fast. Kids, please ask an adult to help you with gluing if you are using hot glue.

Draw a rough sketch of a spork on the foam core. Measure up your googly eyes making sure you have enough room on his “face.” Cut the traced lines to reveal Forky’s outline. Then trace out feet for Forky using the cardboard or the wood sheet. I used both to make him sturdier. I used four wood sheets in total. 

With your markers, draw and color the rainbow that Bonnie created on his left foot. It’s a reversed rainbow - Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. Underneath the feet, write Bonnie in green marker. BON on the left foot, NIE on the right. 

Then glue his eyes on askew on his face. Using red pipe cleaner, create his quizzical brow. Then with the blue pipe cleaner, create Forky’s mouth. Glue both pieces on to his face. Then build Forky, using dowels to support him that will be placed at the base of his feet, and his back. You will have to build an upside-down “T” with the dowels. Once secured and standing on his own. Build from the feet up to his “ankles” with lots of white play-doh. 

Finally, add his arms with one large red pipe cleaner. Cross around his neck twice. Then squiggle his hands into three fingers. Voila! You are done! Marvel over your giant Forky! He should stand about three feet tall. Kids will try to pick him, so don’t get too attached — he may only last a week! 

Check out Now More Than Ever Disney Parks playdate to see Forky, and check out my video tutorial.

Have fun! 

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