Wednesday, August 14, 2019

HOT TOY ALERT! Little Live Unicorn Rainglow Vet Set by Moose Toys - Perfect Toy to Promote Pretend Play, Social Skills

Power of Pretend Play in one Magical Set!

Promote the power of pretend play with Little Live Rainglow Unicorn Vet set by Moose Toys. You can find this amazing toy by Moose Toys now at Walmart, Target, and Amazon for under $60. This is the perfect set to encourage cognitive development, socialization skills, and empathy. 

Children can now be a magical unicorn veterinarian to the new adorable Rainglow the Unicorn! Rainglow comes to life with everything that you need to make pretend playtime a happy and fulfilling experience, plus over 40 sounds and interactions that make this experience super magical! The new Unicorn Rainglow Vet five magical accessories. There are two modes of play rainbow mode for fun unicorn snuggles, sounds, and movements. As you treat Rainglow with her furmometer (thermometer), sparkle scope (stethoscope), dream cream (ointment), and magical bandage you can see her expressions change. There is also a bottle of Unidrops which are unicorn treats that we used as medicine, too. Rainglow's face scrunches up when she sneezes, she opens her mouth and closes it, and her eyes open and close so realistically. After Rainglow finishes her doctor's visit, give her a special certificate to acknowledge her bravery!

There are two modes of play. Rainbow Mode is the mode where Rainglow is happy and playful. There is also Magical Vet Mode where she is unwell and needs to be treated with her magical accessories. In Magical Vet mode, your little one can become a magical doctor to bring your adorable Rainglow Unicorn back to good health. 

Rainglow alerts you of her current health by lighting up different colors through her magical unicorn horn. Flashing red indicates that she needs medical assistance. Sparkly sounds, unicorn neighs, and real facial movements just make you instantly fall in love with this sweet unicorn. Moose Toys' line of toys this year are just the cutest! Rainglow Unicorn Vet set will definitely be a hot toy this year for the holidays. It promotes pretend play and caring and empathy for children. Batteries are also included, so you can start playing right out of the box! Keep three AAA batteries on hand when she starts running low.

Rainglow the Unicorn is seriously just so adorable! Thank you so much Moose Toys for sending us the Unicorn Rainglow Vet Set for our review! She retails for $69.99.

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