Friday, August 9, 2019

Hot TOY Alert! Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 6 The Royal Hatch by Spin Master

It may be a little early to discuss the holidays, but you know Hatchimals are like the best surprise toy out there - kids just love to give those little eggs some love and watch the heart change color. The color change signifies that their Hatchimal is ready to hatch! This new season is going to be a big hit in the stocking stuffers this Christmas! Take a crack at our video and see who's inside and read on to see what you can get!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are back with Season 6 The Royal Hatch! Inside each surprise egg is one royal Hatchimal and one accessory. You can get a Hatchimal with a tiara or crown, or a Hatchimal with a gift that he or she can take to the Royal Snow Ball! Hatchimals Season 6.5 The Royal Snow Ball is coming out around the end of September, so make sure you head back to our YouTube channel and blog to see the unboxing video and post! Look for Hatchimals Season 6 now at Target and Walmart, and find them easily online at Amazon

We were sent the most adorable influencer package from Hatchimals and Spin Master. Spin Master is behind this amazing toy line that kids love - parents love them too as they provide a fulfilling unboxing experience! We save our Hatchimals eggshells for slime as it creates a fun and cool texture to play with. Inside the box was a giant sparkly egg. I also saw that the box said perishable and inside was dry ice! The sparkly egg was chocolate! We also got a wooden Hatchimals mallet to break open our chocolate egg, a Hatchimals Season 6 4-pack, a lockbox, Hatchimals Jewelry Dozen box, and single Hatchimals CollEGGtibles mystery egg! Now the mystery eggs will be sold as individual eggs, which I like so much better! Plus the price is still $2.99 - a great deal, because you’re actually getting more this season - an accessory and a really well made outer egg. The Hatchimals can switch out their accessories, which is very similar to what we saw for the Hatchimals Advent Calendar last holiday season. However, the hole to plug in the tiara or crown is slightly larger than the holes that are already on some This doesn’t take away the experience though, as my kids didn’t even notice! 

You can find Hatchimals Season 6 collEGGtibles in stores now! Don’t forget to check out our Hatchimals Season 6 CollEGGtibles video to get an up-close look of which royals you can find in Season 6! There are so many other great Hatchimals CollEGGtibles products that work perfectly with the new The Royal Hatch season! Some of the Royals from this series are mermaids, pair them with Hatchimals Coral Castle or the magical Hatchimals Secret Surprise Playset. There's a whole world of Hatchtopia to explore! 

Big thank you to Spin Master and Hatchimals for sending us such an amazing first look! We had so much fun, and Hatchimals are always hit in our house!

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