Monday, August 12, 2019

Don't Let Your Summer Blow By Without Gazillion Bubbles by Funrise - Ultimate in Bubbles!

Gazillion Bubbles are a staple at all of my kids’ birthday parties! We just recently used Bubble Rush at our Disney #NowMoreThanEver Playdate where the Bubble Rusher blower was a constantly bombarded by children during our Partysaurus Rex portion of the party. The kids love them, and it keeps them occupied, especially my toddler. In case you didn't already know, toddlers love bubbles! My son likes to eat bubbles and then bow to them like the Bubble Rush was the beacon of the bubble for all of the land. For $19.99, I believe it. Ten minutes of thoughtless staring at a tree while my son plays with bubbles is enough for me to hand over my entire wallet, which has about $23 in it, so I've got enough for the Bubble Rush at least. 

With Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Rush, you have a mini babysitter at your next party. Whip out this awesome blower for outdoor summer fun like I did, and we had a blast! It has three sections and a no-spill modular design, as well as, removable washable top. It also comes with an 8 oz bottle of bubbles, which really goes a long way! You will need 6 AA batteries, which are not included. Once you turn it on, it blows so many bubbles; bubbles really do add something magical to outdoor play. Plus toddlers popping bubbles help them strengthen their fine motor skills. 

I love the Gazillion Bubblecycle - it's totally kid-powered! It’s a new take on a bubble mower, and when put together properly, the Bubble Cycle rules the backyard! Bubble Cycle over the grass, sidewalk, or driveway. With each movement, bubbles fly out of the big wheel. Make sure the exhaust is facing to the back. I have no idea how I put it on backward at first, but the kids did not notice and were using it either way. With the power of a toy motorcycle, kids will look so cool with their new Bubblecycle! No more pretending to mow the lawn, now they can pretend to push the ultimate bubble hog! For only $19.99 (cheaper than most bubble mowers!), you also get an 8 oz bottle of bubbles. The absolute best part in all of this is that there are no batteries required to enjoy this! Kids will really have to power their cycle in order to see those beautiful bubbles fly! The Bubble Cycle is a staple summer toy that will last through many, many kids as the design is very sturdy and the fact that you just have to maintain it by keeping it clean really will lengthen its playtime. 

Thank you so much Funrise for sending us Bubble Rush and Bubble Cycle for our review!

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