Tuesday, August 6, 2019

New Toy Review: Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle Houses

Discover a hidden world where babies rule! Don’t make these Cry Babies cry though, because they really do cry magical tears. Fill up the baby's bottle with water and feed them, and give their tummy a squeeze. Dripping from their eyes are tears that only loving toy moms and dads can soothe. Offer them their pacifier coming in a fun color or even in limited edition gold to help take away their tears. Naptime is easy as you get a corresponding blanket for each cute doll. From a giraffe to a clownfish, there are so many adorable Cry Babies to find.  

There are 12 Cry Babies by IMC Toys to collect in series one, and there is one extra rare one named Candy who is an adorable, sparkly sheep. Each Cry Baby comes in an adorable bottle house that is full of eight surprises! You can find them in stores now at Target ($9.99 each) and even as 3-packs on Amazon ($26.99 for three). Collect different colored houses coming pink, purple, purple, blue, and orange, and create your own magical world of Cry Babies. Once playtime is over, store your accessories and your Cry Baby inside their home for the night, or for easy display. Before storage, I would suggest removing all of the water through the handy plug at the back of the baby's head. 

Thank you IMC Toys for sending us this adorable influencer box for us to open for our subscribers! Make sure you check out their sweet YouTube channel that features all of the Cry Babies’ adventures. 

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