Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Encourage Storytelling at Bedtime with Dream Pillow Dreamimals - Invented By a Kid for Kids!

What if your little one can be the master of his or her own dreams? Sounds pretty cool, right? Kids can imagine and play (in quiet way) before bed with the new Dream Pillow Dreamimals pillows available on Amazon right now and the Dream Pillow Dreamimals website right now! Add Dreamimals to your bedtime routine with your kiddos for a comfortable and sweet sleep. Dream Pillow Dreamimals encourages children to dream big at bedtime and to dream big for their future. We included Dreamimals in a recent video of ours where my son wrote a wish on a Wish Note. 

Dreamimals are the brainchild of a child! Harper wanted to give her little brother some peace of mind before bed because he was experiencing some nightmares. She thought it would be really cool to incorporate the cozy comfort of a plush toy with a pillow! With these tools, kids can be the master of their dreams with the included pencil and Wish Notes that are shaped like fluffy clouds to write their wishes for the night! Dreamimals’ inventor was also recognized as the Young Inventor of the Year at the Toy and Game Innovation Awards. Dreamimals also have The National Parenting Seal of Approval and a Mom’s Choice Award! Each Dream Pillow works like a muff with an opening in the middle for your child to write his or her’s wishes for the night on the Wish Note. They can tuck the cloud shaped card inside the pillow and snuggle with their wish and their cuddly pillow made of cotton. 

My children have been testing dream pillows for many nights now, and they both love the cuddly plush pillows! Coming in a variety of styles, kids will love the idea of creating the map for a fun and restful night’s sleep. Bedtime becomes an adventure now! My older son Marcello really enjoys creating his own dreams before bed, and as a parent, I sincerely love hearing his “wishes” for the night. Some mornings, he has woken up with details that the Dreamimals pillow really did bring him sweet dreams! Dreamimals gives children the opportunity to dream for the future, and not just for bedtime. By practicing writing each night before will also give children that extra dose of storytelling and imaginative play for the day, but it’s so relaxing, it’s become apart of our bedtime routine. Our Wish Notes are adding up, and I think we have enough content for a great story! 

Dream Pillow Dreamimals come in fun and cute plush varieties that are so cuddly, and they are the perfect size at about 14 inches! My youngest son, Rocco, who is just about two years old loves to just cuddle with the original Dream Pillow, which is so snugly and cuddly - it’s no wonder he loves to snuggle with it. 

Each Dreamimals pillow has its own “story” themselves, which would be perfect to suit to your child! Marcello loves the Shark Dreamimals pillow with its funny face, Sharkie is his name and bravery is his game. When Marcello wants an adventurous dream, he turns to Sharkie. We also got Lamby, an adorable and super soft plush pillow who is the cuddliest of all! She encourages a fear-free night’s sleep. Pinkie is an adorable koala who is a soft pink, she encourages kids to express themselves and have fun dreams. There is also the Bye Bye Bad Dreams storybook that will also help kiddos who are having a tough time at night. Night terrors are usually very normal in young children, and they are a phase. I wish I had Dream Pillows for my son, Marcello when he was having them. Dreamimals are $29.99 each and they are beautifully packaged in one bundle with enough Wish Notes for many nights of dream-filled sleep. Add a monogrammed patch when you order directly from Dream Pillow Dreamimals to give your kiddo a personalized plush pillow to sleep with each night. 

What will you dream up tonight? Buy Dream Pillow Dreamimals on Amazon or on their website! Choose from a variety of styles to fit your child’s style, and encourage a more imaginative night’s sleep! A portion of proceeds from each sale of Dream Pillow Dreamimals goes to Take Stock in Children, which is an organization that encourages children’s advancement in higher learning through the state of Florida. I couldn’t think of a better organization! 

Thank you to so much Dream Pillow Dreamimals for sending us your beautiful and cuddly products for our review! 

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