Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Beeeeeeep! It's Me! Seinfeld Pop Up in NYC! Celebrate 30 Years of Nothing for Nothing at The Shops of Columbus Circle Free to Do in NYC

On July 5, 2019, Seinfeld is celebrating its 30th anniversary! 30 years ago a show about nothing chronicled the life of an ever-questioning comedian and his hilarious friends, Elaine, George, and Kramer. Relive the moments of awkward phone calls from people who stole your car or frantic calls from Uncle Leo from Florida from the iconic couch, eat a limited edition Junior Mint and marvel how junior they are in size! The Seinfeld Interactive Experience is totally free and kid-friendly; hands-on interaction is encouraged! Bring your mail, so Newman can horde it for you! Don't lick the envelopes though! 

We love Seinfeld, and are no strangers to the beauty of each episode! From carrying Tic Tacs around to let people know you're coming to a car with the worst smell ever - we have our little throwbacks and laugh - it never gets old. One time my husband and I saw Wayne Knight (Newman) at a wake in Queens! He looked good! We thought it would be in poor taste to yell, "Newman" at him while he was mourning a loved one, so we whispered it from a far. Equally satisfying! We lovingly call our first born Kramer as he enters a room with such gusto, Kramer would be proud! The Frogger episode is seriously my favorite with the extension cord and then crossing the road to avoid the cars; I seriously crack up just thinking about that episode. Without Seinfeld, we would not have the genius of Friends, Mad About You - truly the start of the golden age of sitcoms (in color at least!). Cheers rocked, too! 

I can't believe it's 30 years. I feel kind of sick to my stomach as I remember this show airing when I was my son's age. I may need surgery to help clear the feeling of being old from my body, hopefully, Kramer isn't viewing the surgery. 

Relive the nothing with this fully hands-on interactive experience at The Shops at Columbus Circle from July 6 - July 9, 2019. Original Seinfeld fans and new-man-bies young and old, go do something this weekend for NOTHING! 

Will you be there?

I'll be all my glory! WATCHING! Watching as it all comes crumbling down! MUWAHAHA! No, I'll just be there with my kids and hubby to enjoy the nothing this weekend for nothing!

Here are the official details below! 

Free Interactive Experience Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Seinfeld at The Shops at Columbus Circle, July 6-9, 2019

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Free and open to the public; Junior Mints included.

WHAT: Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Seinfeld at The Shops at Columbus Circle (second floor mezzanine) with an interactive Seinfeld experience; take the Seinfeld trivia quiz; or have a seat in Jerry’s living room (now there’s a photo op or social media post). Guests will receive Seinfeld 30th anniversary prizes, including limited-edition Junior Mints and an exclusive Seinfeld 30th anniversary dictionaries survival kit. 

THE CATCH (AS GEORGE WOULD SAY): None. Nada. Nil. The interactive installation is free and open to the public – no reservations or tickets are required.

WHEN: Saturday, July 6 until Tuesday, July 9, 2019

WHERE: The Shops at Columbus Circle - 10 Columbus Circle (59th St., Second Floor Mezzanine)

Show off that you were there for the pop-up and tag @theshopsatcolumbuscircle @SeinfeldTV on Instagram Make surer you use #Seinfeld30 to show how cool you are!

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