Thursday, July 18, 2019

Childhood Restored!! Toys R Us is Coming Back in Late 2019!

Toys R Us is coming back!

Back in February 2019, my son and I were walking out of a meeting with a PR company, and we bumped into a nice gentleman. I was flustered and carrying bags, it was the last day of New York Toy Fair, and I thought it would be nice to take my son, Marcello, as a treat. We were down the wrong corridor, and this man directed us toward the elevator. I glanced at his badge, and it said TRU Kids, and that beautiful word was underneath, “BUYER.” My heart got all warm and fuzzy. I didn’t miss a beat and said, “Is it true? Is it coming back?”, as if the “it” was a universal saying to reflect our recently crushed childhood memories. He smiled and said with a bit of hesitation, “We’re trying.” Well, I guess they succeeded! My son took it as a yes, and went crazy throughout the day. 

Later this year, we will see two new Toys R Us stores open up in the US under Tru Kids, thus filling a void for holiday toy shopping, because shopping at department stores really is not the same! Christmas of 2018 was pretty depressing, I will be honest. The two retail locations will launch in New Jersey and in Texas. I am happy to have one close to home to experience the beginning of a new toy adventure with my children. In 2020, more stores are slated to open to rekindling the excitement and imagination as play is key at the new Toys R Us. 

Testing the toys before a purchase is encouraged, and since the new stores will be smaller than the regular TRU store. According to these renderings shared to me by Toys R Us, the store has a modern flair, yet still very welcoming to kids and big kids at heart. It also looks like there will be a party room with Geoffrey making an appearance. This bit of information is just hopeful speculation on my part, though. However, the big HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloon sign kind of gives it away. Hah! Every year, we would enjoy a birthday story during my son’s birthday month of Toys R Us. At least every other weekend, we were at Toys R Us building a mini LEGO set or going just to be in the presence of the magic and wonder. We cannot wait to experience “it” again and rekindle and capture the wonder that is stepping over that threshold under that the big bright staR. 

I hope to have more news about the Grand Re-Opening and rebranding of Toys R Us. Toys R Us is now apart of the Tru Kids family founded in New York and San Francisco. They operate over 700 Toys R Us locations outside of the US. Tru Kids Brands teamed up with b8ta. b8ta is behind Retail as a Service, a type of model that focuses on the consumer experience as well as marketing the product. I think this molds well as Toys R Us’s space is will be smaller - focusing on product and experience. 

The return of Toys R Us promises the return of their many beloved brands like Imaginairum, Just Like Home, and more!

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