Wednesday, July 24, 2019

New Toy Reveal! Piñata Fiesta by JAKKS Pacific Party All the Time with the new Collectible Toy Line! Pinata Fiesta

 NEW! Piñata Fiesta Surprise Toys Let's Party!

We always party with a piñata! Now, we can party all the time with new mini piñata toys by JAKKS Pacific! Collecting will always be a party with Piñata Fiesta! Mystery surprise toys are now totally next level with this super fun unboxing experience. 

JAKKS Pacific has created the ultimate collectible line that mixes the fun of a party piñata with super cute, mini mystery toy surprises. Piñata Fiesta toys work like a real piñata, and instead of candies and other goodies falling out, JAKKS created an adorable line of miniature, totally adorable party-themed charms. The piñata itself is also a collectible as there are a variety of different ones to collect from the adorable burro, yummy donut, magical unicorn, popcorn, a rainbow, and more! 

You can party again and again with Piñata Fiesta - just reload the charms again and pull the string to watch the compartment pop open. There is very little waste with this toy, which is a huge plus, too! Since the piñata can be used again for future play, I already foresee lots of pretend play. Plus, Piñata Fiesta is a sizable gift and would be perfect as a party favor, too. 

Each piñata comes with a ring or a bracelet to attach your charms, so you can wear your collectibles. You can collect mini charms like winking hot dogs, metallic treats and shapes, spicy peppers, rainbows, tacos, and watermelons - each charm explodes with personality! When you pull the string, a mystery compartment opens up and out pops your charm or jewelry piece along with colorful confetti. 

You can get Piñata Fiesta at Walgreen’s and Hot Topic for $6.99 each. Check out our unboxing video to see how Piñata Fiesta works! Thank you so much, JAKKS Pacific, for including us in this new launch. 

It’s not a Fiesta without a Piñata! 

JAKKS Pacific will unveil their new toy line at The Toy Insider's Sweet Suite event today at Pier 60 in NYC with two giant piñatas to break open! Stay tuned to our social media channels for the coverage of the latest toy news. 

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