Friday, June 21, 2019

New Toy Reveal! Moose Toys' Little Live O.M.G. Pets! OMG, is right! Super Cute Pups Super Cuddly and Squishy!

Fans of Little Live toys by Moose Toys will be rejoicing today as we have a first look of the brand new Little Live O.M.G. Pets! line featuring six adorable breeds of dogs that will be sure to get tails wagging, and hearts a-fluttering. Each Little Live O.M.G. Pets features 15 interactive sounds, and are very soft, squishy, and stretchy. They are the perfect tactile toy to fulfill sensory needs as well as provides that extra squishiness for your squishy critic. 

Little Live OMG Pets! are the cutest little interactive doggies that will steal your hearts! Care for them, love them, feed them, and give them lots of squishy squeezes! They feel so real as they are just super soft, too! With 15 sounds of doggy cuteness and six different adorable breeds from French Bulldog to Beagle to German Shepherd, every dog lover will need Little Live O.M.G. Pets! in their collection! For a fun way to gender reveal, simply dip the baby bottle in warm water to color change to pink or blue to reveal if your Little Live O.M.G. Pet is a girl or boy! 

Don't forget to name your Little Live O.M.G. Pets with the included Adoption Certificate where you must take a pledge to always care for your Little Live O.M.G. Pets. This toy really teaches responsibility and Check stores this July! Little O.M.G. Pets are so life-like yet they fit in the palm of your hand.  

Rolling out this July 2019, expect to find them hanging out on store shelves in two different styles. Grab the Limited Edition Bestie Bag set with LE O.M.G. Pet, color change bottle, bed, and carry bag. You can also get single pets for $9.99 and they include the color change gender reveal bottle. 

Thank you Moose Toys for the first look of Little Live O.M.G. Pets! Head to our YouTube channel to watch our fun unboxing video, and check us out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see pictures of the new Little Live O.M.G. Pets!


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