Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hasbro Lost Kitties Book Collection Pairs the Power of Purr-fect Plots with Play!

We encourage our boys to read with us every night, but sometimes kids just don't always want to sit and read a book. We make up stories, we read to them, our older son will read to us, etc. It sometimes does get a little tedious, and this is coming from someone who can devour a book with her eyes and mind in a weekend. 

Don't Let Their Education Slip Away

With summer now here, the “summer slide” is supposedly said to reduce the reading ability in children. Imagine a slow erasure of all of the wonderful knowledge that your kiddos learned throughout the school year. Reading, writing, drawing, and even playing can prevent this decline from happening. As parents who work, who work from home, who stay home with the children -- all walks of parenting roles -- it's our job to still keep our kiddos engaged. 

Books and Toys Are OK in my Book! 

We love toys over here and pairing the two can make for some interesting imaginative play. Recently we reviewed a fabulous book based off of the new and old Toy Story 4 characters, Woody’s Augmented Reality Adventure. Check out that blog review and demo video to get a closer look. This book is just awesome, but you need your smart device to really experience the amazing Augmented Reality. If you don’t want to pair books with the screen, then pair them with toys! Toys and books truly go hand in hand as they promote further imaginative play. 

Recently, we reviewed Hasbro’s hit collectibles Lost Kitties Series 3 courtesy of Hasbro on our YouTube channel, check out that fun video featuring our own pesky feline. With the new collection of books that broadens the story of the Lost Kitties by Maggie Fischer, you can pair the cuteness of these pesky felines with the amazing book collection from the collector’s guide to the stories that bring the naughtiness of the kitties to life on the page. 

Know all of the behind the scenes info about your favorite Lost Kitties and Kit-twins from series one to series two. With 112 pages of full colors kitten goodness, you’ll be their number one fan! The Hasbro Lost Kitties Collector's Guide by Maggie Fischer (ISBN: 978-0794443863; Ages 6-8; 112 pages; $8.99). This guide would be the purr-fect pairing to start to any Lost Kitties collection. Follow along with these mischievous felines for pages of fun!

Get to the know the #ADORBS squad in Hasbro Lost Kitties Level 3 Squad Goals: #ADORBS by Maggie Fischer (ISBN: 978-0794444181; ages 6-8; 32 pages; $4.99). 

Follow the napping adventures of Nap-kin in this totally bright and colorful book! Perfect for budding Level 3 readers, ages six to eight. Will Nap-kin ever find a quiet place to nap? Check out Memez’ pawesome dance moves! Your kiddo will love reading along these adorable stories and enjoy the beautiful full color pictures. 

The #NOMZ squad is always on the prowl to stop their growl - their growling stomach - in the Hasbro Lost Kitties Level 3 Squad Goals: #NOMZ by Maggie Fischer (ISBN: 978-0794444303; ages 6-8; 32 pages; $4.99). 

The #NOMZ squad will take you on a spicy adventure with Chomp’s quest to make the perfect spiced milk! Watch out though, Sketch has been watching from afar and is ready to steal yummy milk! Does Sketch know that the milk is spiked with red hot chili peppers? Find out in this adorable book perfect for Level 3 readers ages six to eight. 

Give the gift of reading, and pair children’s books with toys to bridge the gap from . Mixing the two together will further promote imaginative play and will help give playtime a storyline with a real plot. 

Big thank you to Readerlink Imprint Studio Fun International for sending us the Hasbro Little Kitties book collection to us for our review. Stay tuned for a fun cat-filled video with a closer look at these beautiful books!

About the Author, Maggie Fischer 

Maggie Fischer is originally from Oregon but moved to San Diego, California, after receiving her B.A. in English from Gonzaga University. Maggie grew up surrounded by literature as she is the daughter of a children’s librarian, it’s no secret that books are in her blood.  Her catalog of books ranges from babies to children with familiar characters and fun storylines. We are new fans for sure!

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