Monday, June 10, 2019

Father's Day Gifts for Dads of Nearly Every Decade! Your Childhood, Miniaturized with Super Impulse's World's Smallest Lines!

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Buying gifts for parents is tough enough alone. I mean, how many times can you give your dad BBQ utensils for Father’s Day? I have before, and my dad doesn’t even barbecue. That’s the problem, you need to know what your dad is into in order to really be a successful gift giver. Is he a tech-savvy dad (like my hubby!)? Does your dad like to relax (like my dad!)? Does your dad like to eat (also my dad and my hubby!)? I have come to the conclusion that I have a nerdy dad and a nerdy husband who like to play games and relive their youth. Nerdy/Nostalgic/Gamer Dads, this gift guide is dedicated to you! The perfect gift coincides with a lot of love, and if your dad is like mine, he will love the Super Impulse product lines. It will hit him all in the feels!

Child of the '50s and '60s Dads

With the World’s Smallest lines you can relive your childhood memories for just $5 by purchasing their teeny tiny toys that replicate actual toys that were released throughout the years. From the colors to even the stickers, no stone was left unturned with each product. What do you give Grandpa or Dad who literally has everything? Give them the gift of their childhood - they will, in turn, tell you a story of their favorite toy from their childhood, thus, creating a beautiful moment and memory you both will treasure. For example, Gumby who was introduced in the ’50s became widely popular from an episode featured on the Howdy Doody show, which makes receiving the World’s Smallest Gumby and Pokey figures a real conversation starter for Dads of the '50s and '60s! From the Fisher-Price telephone to Lincoln Logs to Fisher-Price stacking rings, World’s Smallest thought of everything for dads who celebrate their past in a fun and nostalgic way. 

Child of the '70s Dad
Nerdy Dads will love holding their favorite childhood toys in the palm of their hand. With Super Impulse’s World’s Smallest line, they can hold their favorite Tinker Toys set and be able to really play with each piece building the tiniest Tinker Toy dinosaur ever. Stretch Armstrong was big in the seventies, and I have heard many tales of stretching him so much that they would have a tug of war contest. Oh, those crazy kids! The World's Smallest Stretch Armstrong provides that same stretching action without having to play with a giant doll, plus it's a great stress reliever! The ’70s were essentially an amazing and cool era, my dad has told me so many times, which is why World’s Coolest would be a great little gift of nostalgia with their super tiny and cool Turntable! I wish they made tiny records to play. How cool would that be?! You can also find a '70s style Polaroid miniature camera in the line. World’s Coolest lines are great as keychains as they come with a metal ring. '70s Dads childhoods got a little bit cooler with the introduction of coin-operated arcade-style games that brought the power of gaming to life! For the gamer dad with late 70's and early 80's ties, Tiny Arcade games are for your 70's Dad, too. Read below to learn more!

Child of the 80’s Dad

Child of the '80s Dad had the coolest toys ever! From glow worms to rubiks cube, childhood favorites are reimagined for your fingertips! However, the '80s was the advent of the arcade and gaming at home, and many kids of the '80s knew a Pac Man game board better than a baseball diamond. Relive those days of old without the piles of quarters with pocket-sized Tiny Arcade cabinets featuring games like Dig Dug, Tetris, and Q-Bert that really do work. Hear the soundtrack of your childhood with the actual gameplay music and sounds with every tap of the teensy joystick. The miniature cabinets are tiny replicas of the original with a full-color LCD screen that looks even better than the original! Take your tiny gaming on the go with the handy keychain that would look so cool paired with your Dad's car keys. 

Child of the '90s Dad

Fast forward to the ’90s where gaming at home was more popular than ever before. Then Super Impulse’s World’s Smallest line and Tiny Arcade lines are for him or her. Relive childhood memories with toys reimagined in tinier forms that really do work. From Etch a Sketch to Classic Uno cards, you will be able to fit your favorite toys and games in your pocket. For a more handheld feel, grab the Super Impulse Micro Arcade, which is a tiny handheld mini console. Play games like Tetris, and then put it in your back pocket when you’re done; it’s that small. It also comes with a USB cord to charge it back up. Even board games and games are miniaturized in World's Smallest form with timeless favorites like Connect Four, Toss Across, UNO, and Crocodile Dentist. You can even get your 90's dad a World's Smallest Super Soaker that really works. All of this gift giving winning is making me super happy!

Finally, gifts cards, they are super easy to get and will work for anyone. You can always pair a gift card with any of the Super Impulse items above as all of their products are super affordable ranging from just $4.99 to $25. However, if you’re getting your pops a restaurant gift card, nine times out of ten, he is using said gift card for a meal with his kids. Grab a gift card that can be used for a specific item. Tech-savvy dads may like a gift card to Best Buy or even to the Apple store. My dad really likes this particular online casino game, so I am going to get him an iTunes gift card so he can spend imaginary money with my real money to win imaginary money. Confused yet? Yes, me too!

Big thanks to Super Impulse for sending over samples for our review. Find them at stores like Target, Amazon, Game Stop, and Walmart. 

Let me know what you give your dad, and if Super Impulse products are now on your list!

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