Toy Story 4 Woody's Augmented Reality Adventure Book Review & Video Demo


Bring your favorite Toy Story 4 characters to life with Woody’s Augmented Reality Adventure, which is a fun book that mixes the power of technology with the written word. With the help of the free app, you can “play” with Woody, Buzz, Bo, the Aliens, Hamm, and even Duke Caboom from your smart device. 

Make Screen Time a Time for Play

I am completely blown away by the app, and the high quality of the book itself. My background is in toys and in publishing, so when I see a book so well made, my heart skips a beat. The binding lies flat so you can scan different areas of the book through the app with ease. Click on Sheriff Woody’s badge and collect pieces of Forky, so you can “build” a Forky for Bonnie. Each page focuses on different characters or character sets (like villains from each movie) and includes an interactive detail that really makes each moment very engaging. There are a couple of spoilers, but nothing too crazy as it just talks about a couple of the characters - no major plotlines were given away. Well, nothing that I didn’t deduce myself from watching the many trailers and sneak peeks! 

Toy Story Characters Come to "Life" 

Each character that comes to life has a different element that you can explore by touching the screen. You can pick up Woody and carry him around (it says that you can carry him through the book, but he disappears). Buzz’s wings pop out. You can stack the Aliens and hear them squeak. Bo Peep arrives in a cloud covered box, and you tap the box to reveal a new and improved Bo. Hamm’s feature is super cute as you can add coins to him. My favorite character feature is Duke Caboom’s since you can really control him to do his own stunts. Duke’s feature alone is enough to get the book! At the end of the book, you can build Forky with the pieces that you collected throughout the book. There is also a mini-game that you play with Forky. I don’t know any other book that provides this much magic and fun! The AR just looks so real - they even blink and change their facial expressions.

All in all, this book is fabulous and would be a great addition to your collection. If you plan to purchase this book solely for the app, please keep in mind that it will work on Apple devices running iOS 9 and above; iPhone 5 and above; iPad 2 and above; iPod touch 5th Generation, or above. I was using an iPad Pro 9.7 inch originally in my demo video, and it was very buggy. The app works great on iPhone XS Max and iPhone X - very smooth movements. Woody’s Augmented Reality Adventure app is powered by Digital Magic, and the book is published by Carlton Kids. The retail price is $14.95, and you can find it Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Also, note that in order to use the features of the app you need to buy the book first. 

Overall, I would love to see another book including more characters. Woody’s Augmented Reality Adventures make screen time a fun, and engaging time! Pairing it with Toy Story 4 only makes the experience that much more fun! 

Let me know if you got the book and what you think of it in the comments below.

This post may contain affiliate links which are free for you to purchase through. I get a small percentage which allows me to purchase more coffee, more diapers, and more toys! 


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