Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Birthday Party Ideas for Toy Story Obsessed People, Like Me! Toy Story 4 Party Ideas, Toy Story 4 Forky Cupcakes

With Toy Story 4 coming out in theaters June 21, 2019, you know the birthday party requests will be aplenty with the kiddos, and adults, too! I had the idea to make my own Forky themed cupcakes for our Toy Story 4 skit video for our YouTube channel. I also made some alien cupcakes from the OhMyDisney site, which are always fun to make. 

To create a Forky cupcake, you will need a photo of Forky for inspiration or buy a cute Forky figure. He can watch on as you make a cupcake in his likeness. 

BUNCH O BALLOONS Self- Sealing Party Kit is a party planning game changer!

To make your own Forky cupcakes, you can bake from scratch or do what I did! I baked Betty Crocker cupcakes - nothing fancy! I frosted the cupcakes with vanilla frosting, then I used buttercream icing to create Forky's popsicle legs. 

To create Forky's head: 
Use a sugar sheet to cut out the shape of Forky's head (four prong spork), and then draw in his features with food safe markers. You can use red sparkle icing for his quizzical eyebrow, or even Twizzler rope. You can also add in Twizzler rope for his arms. I will use that for my next batch!

To create Forky's signature rainbow sticker:
Simple draw a small rainbow on the sugar sheet, cut it out and stick to the buttercream icing (his left popsicle leg). 

If you really want to kick it up a notch, write "BONNIE" in green at the bottom of the cupcake. Your kiddo will be blown away. Or not! Try it and let me know what they thought! Stay tuned for my next batch as I will be tweaking it to be kid-friendly. I think the Forky head is a little too much. 

Invitations spotted at Five Below

If you're looking for Toy Story themed party supplies, head to Five Below, Target, and Walmart for party plates, decorations, and even party favors. ZURU's Self-Sealing Bunch o Balloons have primary color pack are the perfect complimenting colors for any Toy Story themed birthday. Party games are a breeze as you can pair any carnival themed game with your Toy Story themed party. Mattel reimagined the Toss Across Tic Tac Toe set with Toy Story characters. You can also get a Buzz Lightyear pinata at Walmart. You can also get the Toy Story Carnival Game set that includes chalk bags to throw at the target. With four games included, this set may just be all you need for your Toy Story themed party!

You can find the baking ingredients on Amazon or in your local grocery store.

Do you want to see a tutorial of how I made them? Let me know in the comments below! For now, check out the images and a simple list of ingredients to make your own Forky cupcakes. Keep in mind, this was a test run, my next batch will be much prettier. Follow our blog, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more fun videos about our favorite Disney-Pixar films, toy demos, and tutorials!

This blog post contains Amazon affiliate links, which are free for you to purchase through. I get a small kickback to help me buy coffee, toys, and diapers - the three essentials to sustain life. Mine at least! Thanks for reading! 

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