Thursday, June 13, 2019

Edutaining Card Games to Avoid the Summer Slide with 3UP 3DOWN & Boom Goes the Dynamite!

The school year is nearly over by us so that only means one thing, the summer phrase: “I’m borrrrred”, with lots of r's for good measure! Cut the boredom as quickly as you can cut a deck of cards with fun, easy to explain card games that will keep kids engaged, and learning! These card games work well for rainy days, summer nights when you just want to chill, and beyond. Plus, if you’re looking for new card games besides UNO or card games like Gin Rummy and WAR, then you have to check out games 3UP 3DOWN ($9.99, Amazon) and Boom Goes the Dynamite ($14.99, Amazon) by OK2Win. Avoid the "summer slide" and keep little minds fresh with fun card games that test math skills and improve memory, plus it'll improve their sportsmanship, too!

We always went camping for a couple of weeks in the summer and I always loved a good card game. This summer we're reliving the magic with our family, and I will definitely be packing our favorite games to wind down the days of play. There is really nothing quite more fun than eating late night snacks and playing card games. I can't wait to introduce 3UP 3DOWN to our camping crew as 3UP 3DOWN delivers on the fun! 3UP 3DOWN is fast-paced and totally family friendly! The object of the game is to be the first person to get rid of all of their cards. It’s not that simple though! You need to really play your cards strategically as you must place a card of greater or equal value of the card on the draw pile. This type of game really made my little guy think—he’s five and really had no trouble! 3UP 3DOWN also has specialty cards that will enhance your gameplay, they’re called “CLEAR” cards. I found that collecting the discard pile cards enhanced my gameplay, had I been playing with my hubby, it would have been a no hold’s barred game. I had to go easy on my five-year-old. I used this game as a teaching experience too to test his number skills. He was a champ!

For an explosive, fun, group card game, you have to check out Boom Goes the Dynamite! It’s $14.99, don’t let the price scare you, this game plays like an explosively fun board game, yet it’s compactly packaged and it fits nicely in my craft drawer near our board games. Honestly, Boom Goes the Dynamite is all you really need as the whole family will love to play! It’s like MEMORY meets some crazy scenes from DIE HARD. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but it is fun! An even bigger plus is that it tests your math skills and exercises your memory. Make traditional matches in the “matchbox” area, and if you don’t make a match use your hand to try and make a match using your "ignite" cards. Use these cards to basically complete your own Math problems to “turn” the cards into matches. This game will get kids’ minds moving; they won’t even realize that they’re brushing up on their Math skills. 

Big thank you to OK2Win for sending us 3UP 3DOWN and Boom Goes the Dynamite for our review. Get both sets of card games on Amazon. OK2Win is also the recipient of these impressive awards:



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