Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Toy Story 4 Birthday Party Cupcakes and ZURU Bunch o Balloons Self Sealing Balloons! Ultimate Toy Story Party!

Toy Story 4 Forky is having his first birthday to be welcomed into the Toy Story gang! Woody pulls off an epic surprise with the help of Ducky and Bunny, Bo, and more! What did each character bring to the party to make Forky feel special?

With Toy Story 4 coming out, you know the birthday party requests will be aplenty with the kiddos, and adults, too! I had the idea to make my own Forky themed cupcakes for our Toy Story 4 skit video for our YouTube channel. I try to keep our storytelling fun for the kids with the addition of recognizable characters. When ZURU approached me to share their amazing Bunch o Balloons Self Sealing Party Balloon kit, I jumped at the challenge. 

Big thank you to ZURU for helping us out with the amazing Bunch o Balloon Self Sealing Balloon blower. Blow up 40 balloons in just 40 seconds without each losing a breath. Not only can you blow up party balloons, but the party set comes with attachments to blow up inflatable toys in seconds. Want some helium-filled balloons? Buy your own helium tank, and use the BOB attachment to blow up eight balloons at once. ZURU sure knows how to party! 

Check out ZURU's BUNCH o BALLOONS at Walmart to have your own BOB Party

I also created Forky themed cupcakes! Go and check out my blog post on what you need to make your own Toy Story Forky cupcakes! Do you want to see a tutorial of how I made them? Let me know in the comments below! For now, check out the images and a simple list of ingredients to make your own Forky cupcakes. Keep in mind, this was a test run, my next batch will be much prettier. Follow our blog, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more fun videos about our favorite Disney-Pixar films, toy demos, and tutorials!

This blog post may contain Amazon affiliate links, which are free for you to purchase through. I get a small kickback to help me buy coffee, toys, and diapers - the three essentials to sustain life. Mine at least! Thanks for reading! 

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