Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Best Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Board Game Aficionado Father's Day 2019

Quality time with Dad shouldn’t be in front of the TV this Father’s Day. Spend it at the kitchen table playing fun board games that look like they were crafted in someone’s wood shop. Well, Across the Board is just that— a family owned and operated workshop that creates high quality and artisanal pieces that will be considered family heirlooms for years to come. 

Each game is made up of high quality, premium materials that make up these beautiful wooden games. Each game is beautifully handcrafted and really fun to play! I think everyone will get a kick out of the Horse Racing Game available in Walnut ($96) and Maple ($112), where you can race miniature racehorses up each lane. The set is so well made and such a conversation piece that you won’t want to store it but keep it out for your guests to marvel over. 

For the Baseball fan, the simply named Baseball Game ($50) that is fun and easy to play. Roll the dice to see which peg makes it home first. It’s also a great way to teach the kiddos the sport. 

Add Penny Hockey ($38) to your gaming arsenal as the game board mimics a table air hockey table with a fun twist, the puck is a penny, which is also included. So fun! 

Fans of Stratego will love this simplified version called, Assault Strategy ($36) where the attackers and defenders use a battle of wits to try and occupy the castle. 

Across the Board takes classic gaming and turns it up a notch. From their version of Chinese Checkers called Aggravation ($69) to their handcrafted, wooden version of Battleship called, Sink or Shoot ($200), you’ll want to switch over your whole gaming collection to be Across the Board games as they are shelf worthy display pieces as well as memory making games! 

Right now through June 16, enjoy an exceptional Buy One, Get One Half Off deal—buy one game for Dad and one for Grandpa, or get your Dad and Father-in-Law a game each! Make sure you share your game nights with Across the Board on social media!
Facebook: @acrosstheboardgame
Twitter: @ATBgamellc
IG: @atbgame

Happy Father’s Day! 

About Across the Board, from their website:
Across the Board is a St. Louis family owned and operated workshop specializing in high quality, handcrafted, unique wooden board games. Our board games are made with premium materials and assembled with the utmost care and precision. Our top priorities are attention to detail and providing unmatched customer service.

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