Thursday, May 23, 2019

Video and Toy Review: New Summer Toys! Smell, Feel, and Listen to new Foodie Roos Plush Surprise Toys by Maya Toys

New Foodie Roos Scented Plush that Smells Like REAL FOOD!

A whole new line of surprise toys called Foodie Roos by Maya Toys is coming to stores this June. Major retailers like Target, Claire's, and Amazon will have this adorable and yummy scented plush collection for just $9.99 each! Maya Toys creates innovative and thoughtful toys that emphasize on imaginative playtime experience. I even enjoy Maya Toys' toy lines from Cutie Stix, to Orbeez, all the way to their wildly popular Orbeez Wow World, which combines tactile toys with the element of surprise. Foodie Roos has everything you need in one package - fulfills a sensory need, they have a cute storyline, and they are a fun collectible toy! Check out our unboxing video to see some Foodie Roos up close! You can also see more new toys that Maya Toys that are slated to come out this year from our New York Toy Fair 2019 coverage on our blog and video!

Packaged in what looks likes small ice cream containers are just the foundation of what’s in store for each resident of Yummyville! Collect animals decorated with sweet treats to healthy snacks like Popcorn, Fruit Cup, Soda, and more! Not only do these plush smell like the food they represent, but they feel like the food, too! If that wasn’t enough, would you believe that Foodie Roos sound like their food category, too? Give your Foodie Roos friends a jiggle from the Juice and Soda categories and you will be amazed to hear real liquid inside! Don’t be afraid to give them each a squeeze, because it’s totally safe to wiggle and jiggle your Foodie Roo friends around as the plush is well made and totally secure! 

Nearly ZERO Waste With Foodie Roos!

Foodie Roos are small plush toys in awesome containers that can be used to hold the Foodie Roo plush. Each of the Food Roo friend’s containers is their Foodie Room! Decorate with the provided stickers to dress up their Foodie Room and make it their own. You can remove the eyes sticker to reveal a real window, and when you place your Foodie Roo friend inside their room, they can peer outside like a peeping Foodie Roo! When it’s time for your Foodie Roo friend to go to sleep, close up his room, and cover the container - you have a fully contained surprise toy here with barely any trash! 

Activate Four Senses with Foodie Roos - Smell, Touch, Hearing, and Sight!

What’s so amazing about Foodie Roos are the scents - they really do smell like the food that they represent - the Popcorn Foodie Roo friend smells like freshly popped, buttery popcorn, and when you give it a squeeze, you will be surprised to feel that it really does feel like popcorn is inside! Fizzy Fish Soda Foodie Roos smells like lemon-lime soda, and you hear the liquid moving around in there! Cookie Cub Foodie Roo smells like freshly baked cookies! Packaged inside a “peek a roo” container where only their sweet eyes are visible, you never know which Foodie Roo friend you’ll find! Foodie Roos are so cute with their unique food-related designs - parrots have tropical fruits on them, and they just look so well made and so sweet! I know they will be a great end of school year gift for all of the hardworking students!

Collect them all! 

There are 20 Foodie Roos to collect in all, and included in that are two rare Foodie Roos. Foodie Roos will be out in June 2019 for $9.99, and for ages five and up. Be sure to find the rare treats Racoon Macaroon and Sugarphant! 

Make Foodie Roos Unboxing a Challenge!

We unboxed Foodie Roos on our channel, and thought it would be fun to guess if the scent we were smelling was real or Foodie Roos! We each got blindfolded and had to guess. Kids will love testing their senses by smelling the sweet, sweet smell of Foodies Roos! 

New Animated Series! 

Also starting each week in June, head to the HOWTOWOWSHOW YouTube channel and check out the animated series geared for kids ages five and up! Kids will love meeting a new Foodie Roos friend each week. 

Big thank you to Maya Toys for sending us Foodie Roos for our review! 

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