Friday, May 24, 2019

New Kids Show on Netflix Learn Shapes, Learn Colors, Storytelling with Charlie's Colorforms City!

New Kids Show, Charlie's Colorforms City Promotes Shapes, Color Learning, and Storytelling on Netflix!

Learn shapes and colors with Charlie's Colorforms City, a new show on Netflix that promotes storytelling, friendship, and education! Not only will children and babies enjoy this show, so will parents!

We posted a video on our YouTube channel about Charlie's Colorforms City, and Marcello wanted to share how to create with Colorforms. The show is based on beloved Colorforms. Marcello scripted this video all by himself, and talked about his recent Kindergarten education on beginner's Geometry and 2D and 3D shape learning! To say my I did not smile from ear to ear this whole video would be an understatement. Marcello is just learning to read and write, and he wanted to write his own report about Charlie's Colorforms City! Check out his video and show him some love!

Charlie's Colorforms City is about a little boy made of Colorforms who creates his own stories using shapes and ideas he gets from his friends like Red and Violet! Marcello explains how to create your own stories with the use of Colorforms by piecing different colored shapes together. This Colorforms set is a beautiful replica set of the original 1951 release! It includes pages of colorful shapes of removable Colorforms, and a white and blackboard to stick your shapes. Marcello loves this set, and has been using it every day creating his own two-dimensional world just like Charlie! Perfect for the start of summer, incorporate this Colorforms set into your summer playtime routine as it promotes imaginative play, storytelling, as well as shape and color learning! You also can watch Charlie's Colorforms City on Netflix, and some episodes for free YouTube! Marcello and his baby bro, Rocco, are mesmerized with Charlie's Colorforms City. Babies will enjoy it too as it is very easy on their eyes! Babies gravitate towards bright shapes against dark scenes, and Charlie's Colorforms City has just that!

Thank you so much Charlie's Colorforms City for sharing the Colorforms set by Kahootz Toys with us! 

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