Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mattel at TTPM Spring Showcase 2019 BTS x Mattel Will Be Hitting Their Next Stage Soon - Your Store Shelf!

K-Pop sensations, BTS, has taken the world by storm. Toys and collectible dolls giant, Mattel will be immortalizing this septet in doll form.

Photo: Mattel's website.

The boys from Seoul, Korea truly have a musical soul with their poppy and rhythmic songs with late 80's hip-hop funk and 90's reggaeton sounds. Listening to their song, IDOL, I was immediately transported back to my childhood. Disagree if you want, but they kind of remind of K7 and Mr. Vegas with the soulful voice of Justin Timberlake a la N*SYNC mixed within their positive lyrics. I wanted to dance the running man and the butterfly all at once, and then give a stranger a hug! It's no wonder how big their BTS Army already has grown. These fully articulated dolls will hit the shelves late summer or fall (I think September 2019, possibly) and they will blow BTS fans away with their nearly true to life looks. I got to see the BTS dolls up close and personal in the Mattel booth at TTPM's Spring Showcase, and they are seriously too cute! 

For only $19.99 each, you will get a fully articulated doll so you can pose your favorite band member to recreate their dance moves, have fun photo shoots, or display your BTS Army pride proudly on your shelf. The BTS dolls are 11" in height and have rooted hair with bubblegum pink and blue hues. Be sure to sign up to get notified for when the BTS Dolls hit their new stage: the store shelves! They are going to go fast! I would pre-order them when you can!! ToyWiz.com has them available for pre-order with a July ship date. 

Photos do not do them justice — they are truly fabulous in person. Check out our video to watch our Mattel at TTPM footage and to see some up close video of your favorite Batang Boys! The BTS dolls are very close to real bandmates' likenesses. Leave it to Mattel to make such an iconic group of stars for all to enjoy! Their hair color and hairstyles are just so cool, and almost true to life! Choose from Jin, SUGA, j-hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook (each sold separately), or collect them all at $19.99 each - a great price considering many fans thought that they would be way higher. $20 is way less than many exclusive and limited edition Barbie dolls that I have purchased in the past, and I have many! The true to life fashions that they’re wearing further illuminates their performance from the IDOL music video. 

Are you excited to add these iconic dudes to your collection? Will you be getting them all? If not, which one must you have? Let me know in the comments below! Views expressed and photos are my own, please credit Tubey Toys Review if sharing! Sharing is caring!! 

From Mattel’s website:

These official BTS x Mattel fashion dolls are recreations of all seven artists, each wearing a suit inspired by the iconic fashion from the “Idol” music video. The dolls are 11” tall with rooted hair, have been authentically sculpted to the likeness of each artist, and with 11 points of articulation you can play out choreography from the music video or pose them to replicate your favorite photo shoot. Choose from Jin, SUGA, j-hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook (each sold separately), or collect them all!

이번 발매될 방탄소년단과 마텔의 컬래버레이션 패션 컬렉션 인형들은 방탄소년단의 일곱 멤버의 모습을 담고, '아이돌' 뮤직비디오에 등장하는 컨셉을 베이스로 만들어졌습니다. 멤버들의 머리스타일부터 표현한 인형의 키는 11인치 (28cm) 이며, 멤버들의 조각같은 얼굴과 특징을 표현했을뿐 아니라, 11곳의 움직임으로 팬들이 방탄소년단의 안무나 사진 포즈등을 표현할수있게끔 커스텀 제작되었습니다. (김석진), 슈가(민윤기), 제이홉(제이홉), RM(김남준), 지민(박지민), (김태형), 그리고 정국(전정국) 멤버별로 판매하게될 제품은 세계 곳곳의 방탄 소년단 팬들이 콜렉트 할수있는 인형라인이 될것입니다.

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