LOL Surprise Boys Pre-Order Live on Amazon! L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series 1

L.O.L Surprise Boys are now available for pre-order on Amazon! They’re kind of tough to find via search, here’s the direct link

You can pre-order a limit of three per account. Snag yours now and get them in hand by mid-June! Their release date is June 15, 2019. 

Collect all eight brothers of the original LOL Surprise sisters! The ball is black this time and the unboxing is reminiscent of series one! Peel back each layer to reveal fun accessories and your anatomically correct LOL Surprise Boy! That’s right, these LOL Surprise Boys have a frank and beans. I was just as surprised when I opened the Supreme BFF set. 

Are you getting the new LOL Surprise Boys? Let me know in the comments below!

The amazon link is an affiliate link! It’s free for you to use my link, plus, by you clicking and buying through my links helps me fund my toy and coffee addictions. I also have to buy a lot of diapers. Thanks everyone! 


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