Wednesday, May 29, 2019

How To Teach Kids the Importance of Biodiversity in Fun and Easy Ways This Summer!

Every species has an important role to play from the smallest microscopic bacteria to large mammals like whales. Within our landscape, we can ensure biodiversity by supporting all life forms by providing food, shelter, privacy, and even indirect care to maintain a homeostatic lifestyle for every lifeform. Kids can help out in fun ways, too, and giving them an idea of what biodiversity is now will benefit our Earth for years to come.

Teach the meaning of biodiversity in simple terms by breaking it down, biology —the study of life, and diversity—range and variety—coupling it together you can simply say it’s the “variety of life.” Kids will love to be a part of such a biological revolution! We took our kids to the arboretum near us and showed all of the blooming flowers for spring. At home, we plant flowers and talk about how nature helps each other out to grow! 


Show them planting flowers will support the bees, leaving out fresh water will give birds a chance to cool down or get a quick drink, etc. There are so many toys for purchase that can be tools for teaching about biodiversity from gardening tools, science kits, and more! 

Encourage biodiversity through gardening and how planting flowers and vegetables will help the bees, birds, and the ecosystem of flora and fauna throughout their neighborhood. Use the fun Sesame Street Watering Can Kit by Green Toys to add in the playfulness! Join Abby and Elmo on a gardening adventure with the included Growing Magic Guide as well as a trowel, plant markers, seeds, and stickers. Kids will love solving the puzzles and color the pages to learn more about the power and magic of a garden! Green Toys also uses all recyclable materials to create their products all the way down to their packaging. It's retail price $19.99, but I found it on Amazon for under $12. You can also get the Abby Cadabby Watering Can Kit for $15 on Amazon if you wanted something the set in pink. Kids will love to be included in your pastime and will give them a chance to grow their own green thumb. 

Take a closer look at life using the Thames and Kosmos Kids First Big Microscope! Children and parents can learn about and observe biological specimens from animals that includes a feather, skin, hair, and even a dragonfly’s wing. Plant life can also be studied where you can take a closer look at a mushroom spore, kiwi seed, lichen, pollen in honey, and flower stamen. Everyday objects like jacket zippers and even seasonings like table salt, honey, and sugar will show how everything we use, see, touch, and taste has a hand in helping, or coming from the support of biodiversity. For $34.95, your kiddo will begin to hypothesize and question all living things with this amazing microscope. 

Incorporate locations into your learning experience too with the Shifu Orboot globe! This fun and easy to use globe uses the help of the free app that not only provides a world of information, but a fun augmented reality experience too. Take your passport around the world and stamp your way through each country to learn about their cultures, the people, landmarks, and animals natural to that specific location. Kids can play games and even test their knowledge. It’s really a lot of fun! Just under $50, this globe is a great way for kids will love that they have the whole world at their fingertips! 

Show the magic of life by growing your own crystals! Kids will love this experiment. Crystal formation has plenty to do with biodiversity as the formation of crystals requires different temperatures to change the formations of rocks. Sometimes these crystals can even take in living organisms and fossilize to make really cool crystals! Learn another the formation of crystals at home with a twist with the Thames and Kosmos Grow a Mystery Color Crystal set for just $5.95. Using safe to use ingredients like the crystal power (made of potassium alum), a mystery packet of color dye, and tools to get you started, kids can do this experiment on their own or with a grown up! Kids can grow sparkly, faceted crystals overnight! Kids love that element of surprise too, the mystery color adds in that anticipation that kids go gaga over. 

Kids love puzzles, and Magformers truly provides a hands-on learning experience with their magnetic pieces that piece together to make epic figures and buildings! Teach the power of biodiversity with the Animals Jumble 60 piece set by Magformers. Plus, all Magformers are interchangeable, so if you have more sets at home, you can join them up as they all share the same magnetic footprint. Kids will love creating three-dimensional animals like a lion, elephant, and even moose! This set is so diverse in itself and will provide many hours of imaginative play for $59.99.

Explaining science to kids can be easier by including simpler terms and the power of toys, kids will better relate when teachable moments are fun. Start the conversation about biodiversity now to explain the importance of how it supports food, keep our water clean, purify our air, maintains soil, regulates the climate, and more. Kids will love that they’re doing their part to help maintain a happy, healthy, cleaner Earth! 

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