Thursday, May 2, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Wish Me Zoonicorn Interactive Plush - Perfect Toy to Promote Imaginative Play!

The first of May kicked off "Play All May," which is a month-long celebration of play, and how important it is to promote play every day in a child's life. This is why I love toys that spark creative play - plush dolls actually facilitate imaginative play quite well! 

Become apart of the Magical Zooniverse where Zoonicorn friends live together in harmony! From magical unicorns to playful pups, to the majestic Zoonicorn - your kiddo will love playtime with this adorable plush! Making playtime a magical time with the new Wish Me Zoonicorn by Jay at Play will promote creative role play, improve social skills, and give loads of smiles. Create a world of wonder and enchantment with these adorable plush zebra/unicorns that will spark the imaginations of everyone that come across these cuties. With four touch points that will make your Zoonicorn light up, giggle, sigh, and toot, kids will just love hanging out with these plush pets! Give your soft Zoonicorn a snuggly hug to hear these features, and you will be amazed at how much she interacts with you!

Zoonicorns come in a variety of colors and they also have the most ethereal names.  There are four Zoonicorns to choose from Valeo (Blue), Promithea (Purple), One (Green), and Aliel (Pink). Jay at Play sent us Aliel, and she is just too cute! We made up a fun skit for a video on our YouTube featuring wishes gone right, and a wish that went wrong! Children will love that with a blow of a kiss, their Zoonicorn’s unicorn horn light will go out faster than a birthday candle flame. Give a cuddle to hear playful sounds like giggles and magical chimes. The soft light from the unicorn horn is totally safe for little one’s eyes. There is an off switch so you can use this for bedtime. Otherwise, your Zoonicorn will be a great companion for imaginative play! Don’t forget to take your Zoonicorn out of Try Me mode to take advantage of all of her features. 

Aliel the Zoonicorn

Pair your Zoonicorn with season one Wish Me Pets with eight adorable pets to choose from plus the four Zoonicorn pets - they make it really hard to choose! Colorful Wish Me pet pups and unicorns that giggle, light up, bark, or toot are great additions to any plush collection. For a limited time, purchasing from their website will give you the option to add on a mini Wish Me with every purchase; you just pay S&H. Don’t forget to check out the Zoonicorn friends’ adventures on their YouTube channel. You can also purchase Zoonicorn, Wish Me Pet pups, and the Wish Me Pet unicorns on Amazon. 

Thank you Jay at Play for sending us our very first Zoonicorn pet to care for and play with! We are having so much fun making pretend wishes! Hopefully, one of them will come true one day! :: We Wish for One Million Subscribers on YouTube so we can go to Japan!::

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