Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Ritzy Rollerz by TOMY - GET YOUR RITZY ON! Toy Cars With Lots of Pizzazz and Surprises!

Get your Ritzy on with Ritzy Rollerz! Ritzy Rollerz are the latest toys to hit the shelves that incorporate imaginative play, sensory play, and are just so cute and sparkly! They are available for sale now on TOMY’s website and on Amazon now! Kiddos ages four and up will love how much glitz and glam each Ritzy Rollerz vehicle has plus how much fun the Ritzy Rollerz are to play with - check out my latest video on YouTube to see! 

Ritzy Rollerz by TOMY are a collection of colorful vehicles that glide with ease on hard surfaces, and have interchange wheel covers that re Ritzy charms! Roll your Ritzy Rollers down toy slides, across the floors, and see the shimmery charms sparkle. With different characters to collect, you will want to collect them all as they come in a variety of finishes! From fuzzy flocking to shiny ombre chrome, each Ritzy Rollers animal have such dazzling details! You can even find translucent Ritzy Rollers that have sparklers all over the vehicle body. Find 2-pack Besties sets that are just $11.99, each of the Bestie sets come with two Ritzy Rollerz vehicles, and 16 Ritzy charms! The charms snap on to each of the four wheels of the Ritzy Rollers, and each charm has a fun image with a holographic foil finish. 

The 4Ever Friends 4-pack includes four Ritzy Rollerz vehicles and 28 Ritzy Charms. Don’t forget to check their booty trunks to find more Ritzy charms surprises! Some Ritzy Rollerz even have colorful hair that you can really brush! I’m sure mini brushes and combs will come out for the Ritzy Rollerz soon! If packs of Besties and 4Ever Friends weren’t enough, you have to check out the play sets! 

The Ritzy Rollerz Toy Cars collections come with a variety of charms starting with the two sets that are $14.99 each. Each set comes with one Ritzy Rollerz vehicle and one Ritzy Rollerz shop. Choose from Helena Heelz’, Heelz on Wheelz Shoe Shop! Inside the shoe shop, Ritzy Rollerz can get glammed up by choosing a variety of Ritzy charms, and then they can show off their glitzy wheels by fawning over themselves in the mirror or gliding down the ramp! The set comes with 16 random Ritzy charms, and you can store the Ritzy charms inside the play set, along with one Ritzy Rollerz vehicle. Another set to get is the Sprinklez on Wheels set with a donut theme and it includes adorable Dani Donut and 16 random Ritzy Rollerz, and it does everything the Heelz on Wheelz set does!

When your Ritzy Rollerz need a break from being glamorous, make sure you get the Ritzy Rollerz Toy Cars Dance n Dazzle Set for $29.99. It includes 30 random Ritzy charms, and Tori Tada an exclusive Ritzy Rollerz vehicle. Inside is a Ritzy room for places to store your vast collection of Ritzy charms. There is no shortage of glam and glitz with these sets! I absolutely love them!

They may be very girly, but my son enjoyed playing with so much! Thank you so much TOMY for sending us Ritzy Rollerz for our review! 

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