Friday, May 24, 2019

Winter is Over, Unofficial Start of Summer is Here! Let the Real Games Begin! Fun Things to Do In and Around NYC This Memorial Day Weekend!

Make Memorial Day Weekend a Breeze with Fun Things to Do This Weekend!

Winter is over. Now cue the unofficial start of summer with some Memorial Day Weekend fun! From barbecues to hoop-offs, I’ve got some fun ideas and free things to do in and around NYC, and even your own backyard for you to do with your family this Memorial Day Weekend! 

Let’s start at home! If the weather is nice, expect to have the kids outside playing and soaking up some much needed Vitamin D! Pair outdoor play with these ultra-cool Ice Hoops by Kess Play. The amazing hoops are perfect for day or night as with each spin of the hoop, the Ice Hoops light up like a carnival Ferris Wheel! They are so pretty when they light up. You can also hoop like a pro with Kess’s patented V-grip technology. I consider myself a great hula hooper, but after having two kids, it doesn’t feel the same! No exaggeration, I was hooping like l was in my twenties again with these Kess Ice Hoops! 

They are so much fun! We took our Kess Ice Hoops for a spin in our recent YouTube video and had a blast! Throw in some Drop Dots balls for some fun sensory play and you’ve got yourselves a party! Thank you KESS for sharing your amazing products with us. Get your own Kess Ice Hoops at Target and at BJ’s while you’re picking up hamburger and hotdog buns!

Target Deals for Memorial Day Weekend Parties!

Decorate the table with some festive decor to show your American pride and to honor those fallen for our country. Stars and Stripes can be the theme, but why not add in some tropical fruits and pops of color to add some pizzazz and a fresh feel? There are so many cool items that I found at Target in their holiday section. 

Save some cash in the Target One Spot too! Score Backyard Bingo Boards for the kids for just a buck, which will keep little minds busy as they search for items found in your own backyard! One dollar slimes in patriotic colors will also give kids plenty to do!

Look Up! It's a Bird, It's a Plane!

Start the Memorial Day Weekend off with a bang and honor our nation's military with a spectacular air show, the Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach State Park. We love seeing (and hearing) the jets and plane fly over. They really put on a spectacular show. View the real show Saturday, May 25 and Sunday May 26 from 10-3 PM. It's free to watch, but $10 to park. Or you can watch them practice on Friday, May 24 for free@ If you can’t make it to the beach on Saturday or Sunday, head over to Farmingdale Airport and watch them take off for free! The parking lot outside of the airport is always the best spot (it's a Home Depot). Bring a chair and a cooler. You'll find that many others enjoy this experience too, plus it's totally free. Keep in mind, you're still in a parking lot, so there's not much space for kids to really roam free.  

LEGOLAND New York Resort Invites You For Fleet Week and An Out of This World LEGO Build!

Celebrate Fleet Week with LEGOLAND New York! Head over the Intrepid Air & Space Museum on the West Side of NYC and say hello to our friends from LEGOLAND New York Resort at Pier 86. LEGOLAND New York Resort representatives and LEGO Lady Liberty herself will be there from Saturday, May 25th through Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th! Visiting their booth is totally free, and you can help build their LEGO model of the Saturn V rocket! All this in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing! CHeck out more details on their Facebook event page. LEGOLAND New York is always keeping it fresh by sharing fun LEGO fun in Goshen, New York and in Manhattan! 2020 cannot come fast enough! More details about this here!

Easiest Way to Party!

Water balloons are so much fun for outdoor play, but they are a real pain in the neck to fill! This is why I stand by ZURU Toys' Bunch-o-Balloons. You can literally fill a bunch of water balloons in seconds. Attach balloon and nozzle to your water hose connection, then shake off the balloons into a shallow pool of water to ensure no breakage. They are already tied together and ready to be thrown in under a minute! I truly stand by ZURU's products, especially their Bunch-o-Balloons line. New to their party line are the new Bunch-o-Balloons self-sealing balloons that get filled with air from their party kit, or you can use their attachments and balloons to fill them with helium. Bunch-o-Balloons are game changers for all parties. Plus you don't need a helium tank as they will stand fine when bunched together to jazz up any centerpiece. Get them at Walmart now to help dress up your holiday tables this weekend. 

Ice Cream for Fun Board Games!

If you’re looking for fun outdoor board games, some favorite outdoor games that I love is YULU’s Watermelon Smash which you can find at Target. You can get wet by adding in water or the plastic watermelon seeds to stay dry. Get it for a great deal for under $5 at Target now! Perfect game that can be played all year long! 

Also by YULU is the new Oops Scoops game for $17.99, which is for ages four and up and for two to four players! This is a great game for outdoor fun or for indoor play.

Get Wet and Wild with Ryan ToysReview! 

I also love Splash Out by Far Out Toys, which incorporates good old water balloons for some wet fun! You can fill the water balloons with any liquid or even glitter or confetti to really up the ante! Now you can Splash Out with Ryan ToysReview! 

Also check out Headsplat, which includes a helmet and even more water balloons for more wet fun! Try and catch the water balloon with the helmet basket to stay in the game! Far Out Toys has another game that would be great for outdoor fun called Far Out SquAIRe! You have to keep the square up in the air with the included air cube. It’s really a lot of fun, and very challenging! 

Do you have any plans this weekend? Share your tips with us in the comments below! Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you to those fallen who risked their lives serving our country!

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