Video and Toy Review: New Lucky Fortune Charm Bracelets by WowWee Will Wow You and Your Friends!

Crack 'em, wear 'em, and share 'em! Shaped like a familiar fortune cookie, inside you will find a beautiful charm bracelet and a fortune with lucky numbers. There are 100 charms to collect in all from color-coded categories Happiness (mint green), Success (blue), Friendship (pink), Love (purple), Adventure (light blue), and the Ultra Lucky (random color)! I love each bracelet, they are made so well and the charms are super cute! Check out our video on YouTube to see which Lucky Fortune charm bracelets we opened.

Lucky Fortune is a new innovative and fun collectible by WowWee—the masterminds behind Fingerlings, SWAK, Untamed, and more! Shaped like a familiar fortune cookie you would normally crack open after eating Chinese take out, you get a bracelet with good luck charm, a fortune, and a set of lucky numbers! Each bracelet is color coordinated by the dipped color of the fortune cookie. There are different categories that represent each charm from love, adventure, happiness, success, friendship, and ultra lucky. The charms are well made and even have an additional charm that looks like a fortune cookie. You can wear multiple bracelets on each wrist to layer your luck! With the different colors of each bracelet, your arms will be all dressed up. You can store your bracelets inside your Lucky Fortune cookie, and even attach the cookie to a backpack or purse. 

Collect them all, or collect charms from the category that suits your needs! Each Lucky Fortune cookie is "dipped" in their lucky color! Check out our fun unboxing video! Also follow Lucky Fortune to stay up to date on this cool, new series! Also, follow them on Instagram @myluckyfortune for cool giveaways, and to share photos of you wearing your luck! Thank you, WowWee for sending us Lucky Fortune for our review! 

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