Friday, May 10, 2019

Fantasma Magic - Mindblowing Magic at TTPM 2019 Spring Showcase - Magic Tricks for Kids and Adults!


Recently at TTPM 2019 Spring Showcase, we got the chance to stop by the Fantasma Magic booth, and Linda (master magician/hypnotist in training/awesome host) showed us a few tricks! We were blown away by each trick. I love magic! My son loves magic! Who doesn’t love magic? Watching the tricks and illusions follow through the very end gave us all a big surprise. Each trick has several different elements, you’ve got all of these different facets of one trick morphing into several other tricks - all of this happening with just one deck of cards. You have to check out our video to truly watch the magic unfold. For more TTPM Spring Showcase coverage, subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our other blog posts

Learn Tricks and Showmanship!

Fantasma Magic is serious about magic, so they create magic sets for kids (adults can enjoy them, too!) that promote the wonder of magic and how to relay this craft to your audience. The art of magic is important - from stage performances to street magic -Fantasma Magic kits are not just simple how-to sets. Included with each magic set, you get a whole set up to make a complete magic show to wow your family and friends. They don’t just sell one trick in a box, for example,  get the Pen Thru Bill trick along with 15+ other tricks for just $19.99! The Retro Money Magic kit has over 35 other magic tricks for just $12.99. They teach you showmanship, and how to perform these tricks to captivate your audience. You can watch the included DVD with their sets, or check out their YouTube channel that has hundreds of illusions to explore! 

Magic for Kids…and Adults!

Some of the favorite sets that we saw at TTPM were the Presto Chango magic set that included a magician’s hat, magic wand, and a rabbit plush. If you want to go all in with your magical performances, get the set that includes everything that you need to create a mind-blowing performance — the Masters of Magic set includes a collapsible table and loads of tricks- get it here at Walmart. If the magic sets are not enough, and you happen to be in New York City, definitely check out their shop in person - learn a trick or two, and open up your mind to the world of Fantasma Magic. 

Fantasma Magic definitely had our attention, and my niece even chose it as best-in-show at TTPM Spring Showcase! Thank you for Fantasma Magic for the wonderful, magical experience.  

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