Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Toy Story 4 Forky Action Figures by Thinkway Toys Which One Should You Buy?

Which Forky should I get? I have been asking myself this for two months! I ended up buying two different Forky figures by Thinkway Toys. Free Wheeling Talking Forky is $25.99, and Walk and Tap Forky is $13.99. They are both very different, but do you really need two Forky action figures? 

You can take a closer look at the two Forky action figures and watch our unboxing video, or read on! You should check out our video only because you’re going to want to hear some wacky Forky sayings!

Toy Story 4 FORKY Free Wheeling Talking Action Figure $27.99  With the press of a button, you can hear some awesome spoilers said by Forky. He gives you a closer look into his neurotic mind, and then you get a glimpse of a little spork coming of age. Isn’t it wonderful that Disney Pixar has given life to the mundane item on the planet? I love it! This is why Forky is already such a beloved character for Toy Story 4. We have all made our own “toy” when we were kids. My son made a whole family out of play doh for his favorite show Big City Greens (I haven’t had the hard to throw them away even though they’re all crumbly and gross). Back to the action figure, Forky can speak with the press of a button and the help of one AAA battery. When you move him, he has wheels to to glide. His arms move just be rocking back and forth, and they are somewhat poseable. There is no real mechanism that coincides with the wheels at the bottom. His eyes are googly and they move just like Forky. His expression is a happy one so I would say this is Forky who has already accepted his fate as Bonnie’s toy. All that being said, he has a lot of capabilities. The price seems to be right, although, I think it would have been better at $19.99, that’s just me. 

Toy Story 4 Walk and Tap FORKY is $13.99 at Walmart and for ages four and up. Walk and Tap Forky is on the cheaper end, but it has its perks! For real pretend play or for recreating key movie scenes during playtime, Walk and Tap Forky may be the Forky for you. He has a funny Weekend at Bernie’s style smirk on his face. His eyes are not googly eyes, but they don’t move, sadly. His arms coincide with the mechanism of the wheels, so when you move him he wobbles back and forth creating the signature Forky the spork gait. Forky cannot walk properly due to his massive popsicle feet and lower play-doh torso. When you move Walk and Tap Forky, his little popsicle feet ta in succession, and it is just the cutest thing ever. I wish that his eyes did move  - that would have been the best addition to this figure. Otherwise, I think the price is right, and his features are fun for kids! 

During pretend play, do you need a doll that talks? Some may disagree, and that may actually hinder the imaginative process. I found both of my children gravitating towards Walk and Tap Forky. I would prefer Wheeling Talking Forky, because I love his phrases, and kooky hums - it’s like all of Tony Hale’s character personas got into a car together and started talking at the same time over loud music. I love it. 

Overall, for a child, I would definitely go with Walk and Tap Forky, it’s the best bang for your buck! Kids will love the way he moves, and parents will love the price. What do you think? Did I make the right choice? I already own both, so it’s easy for me to say. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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