Monday, April 29, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Cry Babies Mini Baby Dolls that Really Cry! Perfect Toy for Little Mommies and Little Daddies!

Meet the sweetest Cry Babies ever! Cry Babies are adorable babies that cry real tears. Cry Babies are the hottest baby dolls on the market at the very reasonable price of just $7.99 at Target, your little one will love taking care of the little sisters of the bigger Cry Babies! 

Feed Cry Babies with their water-filled baby bottle and give them a pacifier or a whirly lollipop when they're crying. You can feed them in their chair, and put a bib on them so they don't soil their cute outfit, too. Each Cry Babies mini-doll comes with interchangeable accessories, and has an easy to fill and drain the water reservoir to produce real tears! You can fill the baby bottle up with water, then feed your Cry Babies mini doll, and when playtime is over, you can squeeze out excess water with an easy to remove the cap at the top of her head. Each doll comes with her own accessories and is dressed in a cute outfit. You can mix up accessories, but not the outfits as each Cry Babies doll has her own unique personality. Lala loves to be dressed as a mouse, Coney loves bunnies, and so on. 

Every little girl or boy will thoroughly enjoy taking care of these sweet Cry Babies dolls. You may remember them from their bigger sisters that came out last year that really cried! To stop them from crying, you just had to give them a pacifier. The same idea goes for these the mini versions of Cry Babies! Also, coming out soon will be a whole collection of playsets and mini homes for the new mini Cry Babies dolls to live in. Check out Cry Babies’ adventures on their YouTube channel, too, and you can meet new Cry Babies! You can find all Cry Babies dolls and toys by IMC Toys at Target, Walmart, and on Amazon. 

Cry Babies will make the perfect gift to promote pretend play and will improve social interaction with other children. My kids love Cry Babies, especially my youngest who gets a kick out of Coney’s cries. Thank you IMC Toys for sending us Cry Babies for our review!  Check out our YouTube unboxing video below!

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