Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Spring Into Action! Get out, and play! New Outdoor Toys by Antsy Pants to Get Your Kiddos Moving Found at Target!

Kick off the warmer weather with fun, outdoor activities that will get kiddos (and parents) moving! Mixing up outdoor activities can be a fun way for kids to stay active as well as give their motor skills a boost, build their confidence, and increase social skills. Kids love to be challenged, and as parents, we have to set the bar higher with each age group, but do so in a fun and nurturing way, which is why I love Antsy Pants. They have the coolest products that encourage pretend play, creativity, and lots of fun! A big plus is that many of their play sets are super easy to put together, so playtime can be set up in just minutes!

Antsy Pants has the answer to turn your backyard into a bonafide play space that will challenge your kids physical, creative, and cognitive abilities in fun ways!

The floor is lava! Stack challenge! Color call challenge! Okay, I made the last two up, but that’s what kids want all the time—to be challenged! Take active play next level with Antsy Pants Stepping Stones! Kids will strengthen their balance by hopping from one colored stone to another. Call out the stone colors and turn this fun way to strengthen core muscles into a full body, standing game of twister! Add in that extra challenge of not falling off of the stone into the “hot lava” will keep kids engaged, laughing, and strengthening their bodies all at the same time! Stack them up for easy storage once playtime is over. You can play with the Stepping Stones indoors, too. Indoor play can be a bit more toned down by color sorting with other toys, or even stacking them. Will it fall challenge? Wobble Challenge, perhaps? They are $19.99 for five stones at Target for ages five and up.

Be the inflatable tire master with this colorful and fun 5-pack of Giant Inflatable Tires! Strengthen your agility and get a full body work out by lining up the tires to make running slightly more of a challenge. Kids with sensory disorders will also benefit from tire runs! Hop, run and take giant steps throughout the obstacle course. Stack them up to create the ultimate tire castle! Uh oh! They’ve been knocked down by baby bro or baby sis—stack them up again, but do it even faster! There are so many fun ways to play with these tires, I could go on all day! Get the set for $19.99, for ages four and up, at Target. Note that Target's website is wrong, and states that there are six tires in the set - there are actually five tires, which is plenty!

The Antsy Pants Tumbling Gym Mat has always been somewhat of the be all end all of the physical play. You can use the mat to become a Pretend Olympic gymnast! Go for gold in the All-Around Tumbling Floor Exercises. I have bronze in Just Rolling All-Around. Seriously, these durable, colorful mats will inspire to move in ways your kiddo didn’t know he or she could! With the soft mat to catch their fall, it gives them that added feeling of invincibility. Add the mat as a grand finale of a makeshift obstacle course so kids can get the sillies out by rolling and wiggling around. Grab the mat for just $39.99, for ages four and up at Target. After play time is over, fold up the mat for easy storage.

Strengthen core muscles and balance with The Gym Balance Beam by Antsy Pants. Mastering balance is so important—stretching before the big game requires balance! Connect the balance beam to the Antsy Pants Gym Mat to enhance play. Use the beam indoors or outdoors, too! Grab this fun balance beam for $39.99 at Target.

Antsy Pants is known for their lines of children’s products that inspire creativity, fuel the imagination, and are just a lot of fun! We have the starter kit along with the donut shop cover. You can easily switch out covers on the structure to change out what your kiddo wants to do at that moment. From a lemonade stand to a pet clinic to a farmer’s market—the possibilities of play are endless! This is why I love Antsy Pants’s new line of outdoor toys that can be used indoors and outdoors. Get kids up off the couch, off the iPad, and outdoors with these fun toys that will inspire play the old fashioned way. Challenge your kiddos with a fun obstacle course styled arena of fun in your own backyard! 

Now, you’re ready for play time! Thank me later, play now! Be sure to check out more products by Antsy Pants to be the masters of play -- all day! 

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