Thursday, April 18, 2019

Celebrate Spring Easter Fun with Becca's Bunch! DIY Decorate an Egg Activity

It's nearly Easter time, so decorate the holiday table with some kid-friendly flair! Becca's Bunch is a Nick Jr. favorite in our home, as we love the arts-n-crafts style animation and all of the wonderful themes that Becca and her friends offer with their many adventures. Give your kids the task to decorate some eggs (hard-boiled, or fake eggs - you can find pre-colored plastic eggs at Target in the One Spot or at Michael's). If you use the plastic eggs that open, you can fill them with little surprises or candy for the Easter egg hunt! If you have pinecones outside too, decorate them with some glue and glitter to commemorate the Pinecone Bunny on Becca's Bunch. Make sure you see our photos below of our finished eggs, and other ideas to create your own Becca's Bunch Easter eggs.

Right click and save as, or use the download link above. Make sure you share and tag your creations with Becca's Bunch!

We used our pre-colored eggs from Target and matched up the colors to the Becca's Bunch gang! Becca and Pedro came out pretty good, but Russell and Sylvia could use some help! Marcello had so much fun. I was able to get dinner ready without being told that "I am bored" for an hour straight. Thanks, Becca's Bunch! Share in that same quiet time - whip out the kid-friendly paints or even markers and decorate some Becca's Bunch themed eggs! Download the printable here, or see the image below. Be sure to share your creations on social media and tag Becca's Bunch -- Instagram: @beccas_bunch or on Facebook: @BeccasBunch

Other ways to create your Becca's Bunch! Use the printable as a guide, and share your creations with Becca's Bunch! It's all about expressing yourself. 

  • Markers: You can use markers to decorate your eggs as well! Or you can draw your own Becca's Bunch eggs. 

  • Mod Podge: Or you can cut out the Becca's Bunch eggs on the printable, and mod podge onto fake eggs. Either remove the paper and see a cool imprint on the egg or glue it entirely to the egg, and carefully sand the edges. 

  • Play-Doh: If you have play-doh, you can create your own eggs by adding colors to an egg, or forming an egg out of play-doh. 

Be sure to check out Becca's Bunch and watch their Easter special where they search for pinecones left by the Pinecone Bunny all over Wagtail Woods! Watch Becca's Bunch Nick Jr. (US) and CBC Kids (CANADA), or head on over to Becca’s Bunch YouTube to watch all of the best clips and compilations from the series.

Thank you Becca's Bunch for sharing this adorable activity with us and our readers!

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