Monday, April 22, 2019

Video and Toys Review: A Whole New World of Toys by Jakks-Pacific Celebrating Live-Action Aladdin

We’re taking a first look at the brand new Aladdin toys line produced by JAKKS Pacific in preparation for Guy Ritchie’s Live Action version of Disney’s 1992 Aladdin. Read on, it’s going to be good! Do you trust me? Read below, and watch the full unboxing video here. 

Disney Aladdin Movie Poster (Photo: Disney)

Just like a magic carpet ride, the soaring, free-wheeling rollercoaster that is the upcoming Aladdin movie, has kept Aladdin fans on the edge of their elephant-shaped thrones. The last Aladdin trailer, however, gave this 90’s kid an Abu styled sigh of relief! The live action Aladdin sincerely has the heart, the comedy, and action that the original Disney movie had, and I can’t wait to watch it with my own street rats, I mean, my sons. With every big movie release, there is the release of toys and JAKKS-Pacific has what you need starting today at major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon — all for kiddos aged three and up. 

JAKKS-Pacific’s line features a collection of toys that highlights whimsical movie moments and will pull at the heartstrings of parents. Pretend to play toys and dress-up clothes and accessories will give playtime magical notes of creativity and storytelling. 

Princess Jasmine Musical Doll is inspired by Princess Jasmine’s pivotal movie moment when she sings the song, “Speechless,” which is supposed to leave the viewers speechless as well. The 15" doll embodies this iconic scene from head to toe, and it includes a tiara, intricately designed true to film dress and shoes. The doll is stunning! Swoop her up in your magical shopping cart for $29.99 at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and other major retailers.

You ain't never had a toy like this! Well, you may have a while ago. Newly redesigned for the live-action Disney’s Aladdin is the Magic Genie Lamp. JAKKS-Pacific’s original Magic Genie lamp was more child-like then, whereas the newly designed Genie lamp has more than movie-quality elements, and really looks like it was found at the Cave of Wonders. Ask the Genie lamp a question, then rub the lamp, and watch and feel the lamp come to life! The shaking element really adds to the creative play, and the responses will give your kiddos lots of giggles with funny phrases. Hit the lights to watch it light up! It's so cool to hear Will Smith's voice come through as the Genie in this totally cool toy!

Jakks-Pacific’s costume line is glorious! Inspired by costumes from the film, the Princess Jasmine outfits will give your kiddo the ultimate film experience from head to toe. 

Start the magical transformation with Princess Jasmine’s wig, the wig is a film-inspired hairstyle worn by Princess Jasmine. The wig is a long flowing hairstyle and has three removable hair clips. 

The “Whole New World” outfit can be found in the classic teal-blue, harem style outfit with golden appliqu├ęs, peacock feather elements, and an attached cape. Relive that magical moment by pulling out a special carpet to sing the song from that iconic scene! 

The Princess Jasmine fuschia/red dress is new dress for the film, that can also be found on the Princess Jasmine doll is one of regal quality. With printed fabric, golden accents will give your little one the feel of a real Princess. Pair this outfit with the Princess Jasmine Musical doll to recreate movie moments! 

Finally, no dress up outfit is complete without the accessories. The Jasmine Royal Accessory Set is a deluxe six-piece set that is designed to match the “A Whole New World” outfit with its golden and teal tones. The deluxe set includes a tiara, a pair of shoes, a cuff bracelet, and a pair of earrings. Outfits $29.99, 3+. Wig, $19.99, 3+. Deluxe Accessories Set, $19.99, 3+. Spawning a whole session of pretend play, PRICELESS!

Settle down for a cup of tea with the Agrabah Tea Set as this tea set is literally inspired by the magical city of Agrabah. You have the sultan’s palace as the teapot with lift up lid, a genie bottle sugar bowl with lid, two clear cups, fancy gold saucers, and golden spoons. This nine-piece set will give your kiddo plenty of pretend play! You can even fill the cups with real water to give it a more realistic experience. Make sure the water is cold, though! Startup playtime by purchasing this set now for just $19.99. Kids ages three and up will enjoy sipping on tea and talking of the magical qualities of the mythical city of Agrabah. 

Finally, end the day of magic by putting this adorable “A Whole New World” Jewelry box on your little one's nightstand and listen to the iconic song from this amazing film. Add a touch of royalty to this moment by wearing the included ring. The jewelry box features the moment when Aladdin and Jasmine went on a magic carpet ride. For just $24.99, experience a whole new world of play with this iconic piece. 

I am honestly getting teary-eyed with this post! Big thank you to JAKKS-Pacific for sharing this first look with us! Be sure to check out our unboxing video, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Aladdin-inspired toy unboxing videos and skits using these amazing toys by JAKKS-Pacific. 

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