Thursday, April 18, 2019

First Dibs on FUN! 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the First to Play Pass for LEGOLAND New York Resort!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a First To Play Pass for 2020 LEGOLAND®  New York Resort's Grand Opening!

Imagine this. This time next year, you may be stepping on the grounds of the promised land - LEGOLAND® New York Resort. Where kids can play all day, and parents can act like kids with no apologies. This is one of the many reasons why being among the First to Play at LEGOLAND New York Resort is so important! This spring break in NYC, I'll be dreaming about staying in a fun, LEGO®-themed resort room, waking up to a yummy breakfast, and then hitting the theme park for more LEGO®-themed fun, then I wake up! All of that LEGO® goodness doesn't happen until 2020. I want first dibs on the fun, so I am grabbing First to Play commemorative passes for myself and family. I'm tired of the same old thing! I want LEGOLAND®, and I want it now! I had the honor of attending the First to Play event in NYC at the beginning of April, and I left with such a sense of relief. Finally! A place to play!

If you’re still on the fence about ordering your First-to-Play tickets, I have compiled a list as to why I think LEGOLAND® New York Resort tickets are such a good value - at just $94.99 per person! My family and I do a lot of things over the weekend, and a lot of those family outings cost more money than we should spend. Since LEGOLAND® New York Resort is so close to the city, I feel like having an annual pass there will give us the most bang for our buck as well as always giving us a place to visit! See my list below, and you be the judge! If I convince you, let me know in the comments below. 

1. The first to play pass is only $94.99 per person, and it’s good for one year at  LEGOLAND®  New York Resort. Breaking it down for a family of four, and 48 weeks (I took into account some peak blackout dates), that’s just $8.08 (including tax!) per family of four per week for days of LEGO fun! Adding in tolls, gas, and food would be additional of course, but your main entertainment is totally covered!  

2. LEGOLAND®  New York Resort is only 65 miles away from New York City. There will also be shuttles to  LEGOLAND®  New York Resort that will make the trip up there seamless for New Yorkers without cars! 

3. Kids get to see a different side of New York! New York isn’t just skyscrapers, hot dog vending carts, and subways. New York is avast with rich culture, expanding greenery, and the Catskills Mountains (not too far from Goshen, NY)! See it all while traveling up to Goshen, New York where  LEGOLAND®  New York Resort’s home will be. 

4. Play and stay at LEGOLAND®  New York Resort! With  LEGOLAND®  New York Resort’s new hotel opening along with the theme park, you can play all day and then relax in your own LEGO® themed Resort room. With four different themed rooms to choose, there is something for everyone - Ninjago, LEGO® Friends, Castle, and Pirate-themed rooms! Plus, the hotel will be open year-round while  LEGOLAND®  theme park takes a break during the colder months. Inside the hotel, you can enjoy plenty of LEGO related activities with their Master Builder classes, as well as holiday-themed festivities, and visits from  LEGOLAND® characters!

5. Visit  LEGOLAND®’s Miniland, it’s own version of New York landmarks and landscapes! I got to see the unveiling of the Oculus at the LEGOLAND First to Play event on April 4 in NYC, and the Oculus for Miniland is a scaled down model of the famous World Trade Center Transportation Hub, which acts like a subway and PATH station, and a huge mall! Its made if 40,000 LEGO Bricks, and I even got to take an even smaller model home! The Oculus is in downtown NYC commemorating those lost on 9/11. The building illustrates a dove with clipped wings. The building inside is stark white, but the heartbeat itself is all New York City. What a way to bring such hope, promise, and eternal memory then by including this amazing structure?

6. Visit seven lands within  LEGOLAND®  itself that are built on fun and totally kid-powered like Factory Street, Bricktopia, LEGO Ninjago World, LEGO® Castle, LEGO® City, LEGO® Pirates, and Miniland, you will be totally immersed in a LEGO-filled dreamland!

7. Kids will be able to take the wheel and drive around LEGO® City, and be certified LEGO drivers with their own LEGO License! 

8. Get an Exclusive invitation to be amongst the first to play at  LEGOLAND®  New York Resort, and show off your commemorative first to play pass!

9. Play all year long at  LEGOLAND®  New York Resort with your First to Play Pass! (Blackout dates apply, including peak times during summer season and holidays. Operating Calendar will be posted closer to Park opening.)

10. Be the first to play at  LEGOLAND®  New York Resort. That’s right! Be one of the first families to set foot on the premises, and experience 50+ never before seen attractions and rides that only  LEGOLAND®  New York Resort has to offer! 

Yes, that’s more than 10 reasons! As a tired parent, and even more exhausted New Yorker, I am stoked about how New York is the home of our favorite LEGO® bricks. The 2020 Grand Opening of LEGOLAND® New York Resort is just the beginning of the awesome that awaits! I ordered my tickets for my family! Let me know if you did, too, in the comments below!

Make sure you follow LEGOLAND® New York Resort on Facebook and Instagram - they are always posting fun activities to do, as well as, meet-ups at the main hub in Goshen, NY! I am pumped! Are you?! Awesome awaits! Stay tuned to our blog and our YouTube channel more for LEGOLAND® New York Resort news!

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