Thursday, March 21, 2019

Video and Toy Review: ZURU Mini Brands at Pretend Play Supermarket Miniature Food, Soap, Cakes...

ZURU sent super fun and cute 5 Surprise Mini Brands balls, which are totally new for 2019. If you're parents of unboxing obsessed kids, then you already know about 5 Surprise. Each segment includes a surprise, and because there are hundreds of variations, getting a duplicate normally doesn't happy. We did get a few sets of duplicates, but we don't mind! We can always use extra mini skateboards and slime! With the new Five Surprise Mini Brands, there are five segments, and in each slice is the chance to get familiar brands that you would see in supermarkets - you get four Mini Brands collectible figurines and one supermarket detail, like shopping trolley (shopping cart), shopping basket, or supermarket shelf system complete with barcodes! The extra element of surprise with what you will find as far as a shopping cart, basket, or shelf just makes this more fun!

Kids can shop like mom and dad with the new 5 Surprise Mini Brands. With noticeable and recognizable brands like Suave, Mentos, Hormel Chili, and more, you can collect them all to fill your cart and play pretend supermarket! You may even get lucky and find the golden Mentos or Soy Sauce! With over 70 Mini Brands to collect, you will be able to stock your pretend supermarket shelves in no time. We had so much fun comparing them to products in real life! Stay tuned for that video!

We paired this video with our favorite shopping set by American Plastics My Very Own Shop n Play Market, which you can also pick up at Walmart. This set comes with a shopping cart, a mini mart, play money, and play food. American Plastics makes wonderful, affordable playsets and toys that give that same element of open play, and broadens a child's imagination. Pairing our pretend supermarket will Mini Brands makes our play time more fun! You can find Mini Brands now at Walmart for $4.99 each! We had a blast pretend playing supermarket! Our Barbie dolls are going to have so much fun playing with these cute Mini Brands, too! Thank you so much ZURU for sending us this new collection of 5 Surprise Mini Brands.

What do you think of 5 Surprise Mini Brands? The price is right to be a great party favor as a whole, but careful when segmenting as your party goer may only get a supermarket element like cart, basket, or shelf. Usually, I spend about $5 on party favors, so just this is such a great favor in itself!


  1. Question do these have the actual stuff in them?

    1. I'm sorry I am only responding to you now. Blogger doesn't notify me at all! No, they do not have anything inside. However, there are videos that claim that they do. Nothing is inside. They are just a novelty item. :)