Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Video and Toy Review: TLC Kritters New Gender Reveal Toy by Redwood Ventures

TLC Kritters is a cute new surprise toy brought to you by the new amazing company that created Smooshy Mushy squishies, Redwood Ventures. Inside each TLC Kritters are adorable little animals that need loving and caring homes! Your kiddo is the perfect person for the job! Magically reveal your kritter’s gender in a fun way to really amp up the surprise factor! 

Adopt adorable little pets from the caring town of Nuzzle Valley. Take these little babies home in their incubators that also double as a little tufted bed once they are brought back to health. Inside their incubators, you can feed them and care for them. Sometimes these little cuties spit out their milk or don’t like the taste of the medicine, so they spit that out, too. It’s all in good fun, though! Care of one of eight TLC Kritters, reveal their gender by placing an envelope inside water, and watch the envelope disintegrate to reveal your TLC Kritters’s gender! You will also uncover a pacifier and a bottle or a medicine syringe. 

TLC Kritters also wear removable diapers, and inside the diaper is either a poopy diaper or pee-filled diaper in emoji form - it’s an image that can be revealed with cool water, and then cleaned with warm water. Kids will also learn responsibility by caring for their Kritter as each one includes a Newborn Log sheet! Every new parent knowsthese log sheets well where you log feeding times and poopy diapers. On the TLC Kritters’s log sheet, you can note their feeding times, medicine times, if they’re happy or sad, etc. You can also fill out an adoption certificate to make your new TLC Kritter apart of your family officially! 

Once your little TLC Kritter gets sleepy, you can put him or her to sleep on their tufted bed if they are well. If they are sick, you can enclose them in their incubator to keep them safe and warm. You can also store all of your accessories inside of the incubator for later play. These little sets are so cute, and your kiddo will have such a great time playing them! They are the perfect Easter basket stuffer! 

I really like TLC Kritters! When I was a kid, my sister has a Magic Nursery Baby, and you had to place the envelope in water to reveal if it was a girl or boy. I was so jealous and wanted one of my own! Now, I got to have my own gender reveal! I mean I gender revealed at my baby shower when I had Marcello, but it wasn’t this fun! ;)

Big thank you to Redwood Ventures for thinking of us for this launch! TLC Kritters are just so cute, and I cannot wait to adopt all eight of the kritters!

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