Thursday, March 21, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Li'l Woodzeez Bobbleez, Hair Salon Mini Room, and Porcupine Family Review - Easter Ideas Acorns Fit Perfectly in Baskets!

Perfect for Easter baskets, Li'l Woodzeez Bobbleez are surprise toys packaged in adorable acorns with small animal figures inside from the town of Honeysuckle Hollow. There are 28 Li'l Woodzeez to collect in all from series 3, and we opened 24 acorns in our video. Keep track of your own collection on the Li'l Woodzeez website

Li'l Woodzeez is made by the genius toy company, Battat. My boys have so many Battat toys, so when I saw that Li'l Woodzeez was made by them, I was not surprised. Battat's clever thinking toys like the infamous steering wheel that went through two of my children, the Three Car Garage with keys that my son just had to have, the Hide and Seek alphabet set that my toddler obsesses over, and the Critter Clinic that still is so much fun to play with for both of my boys. I trust Battat's methods of play, and I was so overjoyed to get an email from one of their representatives to remove Li'l Woodzeez toys! They constantly raise the bar for well-made products, and are very well-priced!

Baby Rocco uses my lap as a desk to learn his letters. 

If you're not familiar with Li'l Woodzeez, they are a village of adorable animals known as Famileez. Each adult Famileez member has a  different profession like teachers, gardeners, doctors, hair stylists, and more! You can collect mini rooms to bring their little worlds to life with a Walk-in Health Clinic to soothe aches and pains, even tooth aches! Collect the Famileez of piggies to ducks. There are so many Li'l Woodzeez to collect! 

Collect Bobbleez too found in mystery acorns! I call Bobbleez the "kidz" of the Famileez as each Famileez set is a family of four, and sometimes you will find a brother and set in different acorns to round out the Famileez. My son, Marcello, and I like to complete Famileez. Right now our Curlicue Piggy Family has about six children! They are a busy family, especially since they are the restauranteurs of Honeysuckle Hollow. All of the Li'l Woodzeez Famileez work together to make one big, happy family! 

We love Li'l Woodzeez as each mini room has fun details like the Baa Baa Hair Salon and Spa that Battat sent us is just an adorable little hair salon with interchangeable wigs, a small stand with drawers to store the tiny hair products, a sink, and even an open and close door. We also meet a new family, the McBristly Family, who are a cute family of porcupines. Li'l Woodzeez has a huge collection of families, mini rooms, play-sets, vehicles, and accessories to make your own Honeysuckle Hollow. With so many fun accessories and a great price point, it's easy to create a story with these cute toys. Find them at Target, or on Amazon.  

Big Thank You to Battat and Li'l Woodzeez for sending us a full case of the Series 3 Bobbleez, the Baa-Baa Hair Salon and Spa Mini Room, and the Porcupine Family.

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