Thursday, March 14, 2019

Video and Toy Review: Boxy Girls Boxy Pets Season 1 Unboxing

Boxy Girls also have little friends to hang with, the new Boxy Girls Pets. We opened six pets, and I have to say that I absolutely love these little cuties! The Boxy Girls Pets kind of have a bobblehead, some are more bobbly than others. They each include two boxes to unbox, and they have surprises inside. The number of surprises varied in each box, but were so substantial! You can really have a lot of fun playing with these cute pets. 

These adorable Boxy Girl Pets would be great basket fillers for Easter because you can really play with them on their own! Violet the purple bird actually comes with her own perch! I could not believe it when I opened the box as there were already so many little goodies included. You can collect a rabbit, a monkey, a cat, dog, bird, or hamster, and you can pair them with their assigned doll, or mix and match! Boxy Girls dolls and pets can be mixed up as they come with everything they need literally right out of the box. 

I love Boxy Girls so much now! I hope they come out with Boxy Boys one day! I think that would be awesome. They can come with their own tech products! I am just thinking about what my hubby would unbox! An Unbox Therapy Boxy Boy! Now, that is something to think about!

Big thank you to Jay at Play for sending us so many wonderful Boxy Girls products for our review. I truly have a new doll obsession added to my current doll obsession! Make sure you check out the Boxy Girls YouTube channel too for more unboxing fun!You can find Boxy Girls at stores like Walmart and at Target. 

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