New York Toy Fair Bulls-i-Toys Booth Baby Shark Slap Bands, Tin, and Plush, Harry Potter Ooshies, Dreamworks Trolls and Shrek Ooshies

Bulls-i-toys put the fun in FUNctional with their cool toy lines with relevant and cool licenses. There is something for everyone from JoJo Siwa to Pikmi Pops, my son just about lost his mind in the Excell Marketing booth at New York Toy Fair! All easily available at Target and Walmart, Bulls-i-Toys also are very reasonable in price, and their quality is top notch. 

We love Ooshies, and are so happy to see that these adorable pencil toppers are getting fun, new designs, and characters. You can use Ooshies to dress up a plain pencil or use them as collectible figures. They’re not possible, but they have a neat finish and are really so cute! We have opened many Ooshies on our channel, and can’t wait to open more! Ooshies will now be available in blind bags, and with a bunch of new characters to collect. Your pencils will be topped with a bit of magic with the new Harry Potter Ooshies. There is also the chance to collect a sparkly, limited edition golden Harry Potter Ooshies pencil topper. Just in time to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary, fans of DC will be able to make their pencils super with DC Universe Ooshies. Also included in the line is the Dreamworks characters line from hit films like How to Train Your Dragon, and Marcello’s favorites Shrek and Trolls - this will be out in Spring! The Care Bear Ooshies are my favorite with the chance to get my favorite lovable bears, and will be out this spring. Battle Royale at your desk with the new WWE Ooshies! WWE is getting a lot of love this year with their line of Squish'ums, which also be out later this year.  The Ooshies blind bags will be $2.99, and they can be found at Target. 

Slap bands are always fun! I used to collect slapbands as a kid, but they were never this cool! I remember them only having cool colors - now you can get slap bands with your favorite characters, and they look way cooler now, too! Already available are slap bands from Paw Patrol, JoJo Siwa, and LOL Surprise. Coming in spring, you can collect the whole Baby Shark family from Grandma Shark to Daddy Shark, your wrist will be decorated in fine style! The best part of the slap bands is that the figures attached are interchangeable, so collect them all to mix and match your slap bands. The Bulls-i-Toys slap bands range in price from $3.99 to $5.99 and can be found at Target. 

Keep it magical with the power of unicorns and these new adorable, new Cutie Cuffs. Cutie Cuffs are plush slap bands that come in eight different colors featuring magical unicorns. Cutie Cuffs Unicorns have a calming effect as the soft plush hugs your wrist like a little friend!  There’s even some added sparkle with the starbursts of rhinestones throughout the plush. Series one Cutie Cuffs Unicorns are out now at Target, and just $4.99. Collect all eight to complete your squad! For series two, Cutie Cuffs Sloths will be joining the crew!

Dress up your backpack, purse, or keys with Danglers! Dangle your favorite characters from DC Universe, Bob’s Burgers, and Harry Potter (spring 2019) to show your support! The Bob’s Burgers Danglers are really comical; fans of the show will love them! Find them at Target for $4.99.

Lil Flockers Unicorns are magical through and through, from their unicorn horn down to their hooves. Lil Flockers Unicorns boast to be 100% unicorn, and they totally do live up to that expression. From the holographic foil packaging with iridescent colors, you won’t be able to resist crinkling the packaging. Inside you can find one of 18 fuzzy unicorns friends. Each figure is colorful, fuzzy, and 3-inches tall - perfect for little hands to play with and enjoy. They will be available at Target for $3.99, and they include a fun sticker and a checklist to manage your Lil Flockers Unicorn squad. 

Trading cards are still fun ways to collect and learn about your favorite characters. You can collect trading cards featuring LOL Surprise, Pikmi Pops, Fingerlings, and later this year will be Hello Neighbor. They range in price from $2.99 to $4.99 at Target.  

Host your own archaeological dig in your own backyard with Skele-tubes; a fun and exciting way to learn about extinct prehistoric animals. I think we can even step it up a notch and bury the Skele-tube dinosaurs in the sand to really discover and identify the dinosaurs. Included in each Skele-tubes is one skeleton of an extinct, prehistoric animal and a fact sheet to help identify and learn about your specimen. Adventures await inside this tube as there are so many ways to play! Skeleton-tubes will be available at Target for $4.99 - great price point! Bulls-i-Toy has a great line of S.T.E.M. toys including goo and robots! 

We love Squish’ums Squishies, not only are they super squishy, but they are super slow rising! Squish’ums also come in fun colors, characters, and designs. They range in price from $4.99 and $5.99 at Target, and they are packaged in a fun blind bag for that element of surprise that kids love. From designs like Poo Pets with cute dogs and unicorns in poop emoji form to Pet Boutique, Yummy, and Skulls there are plenty to choose from and enjoy! Later this year, your favorite WWE Wrestlers will be able to be squished, and they look super realistic! Fans of WWE will love these squishies!

Coin collectors will love these Coin and Patch sets slated to come out for Captain Marvel and later this year you can find them for Avengers: End Game. These coins are beautifully packaged and include the likeness of your favorite Marvel superhero on the coin. Kids will love collecting them all and trading with their friends. Show off your love for your favorite superhero with the included stick-on patch with the iconic logo of your favorite hero. You can find these at Target for $5.99.

Light-Ups are fun and collectible clip-on tags with fun 3D characters that light up! Bulls-i-Toys take your favorite line of toys and make them shine with their fun Light-Ups tags. Perfect to hang on to your backpack, purse, or keyring, show off your favorite character in 3D style. Light-Ups are available in LOL Surprise, and for spring Pikmi Pops and Avengers will be joining the line. Light-Ups are packaged in blind bags and are just $3.99 at Target. Each of the Light-Ups features a different colored light, which adds another element of surprise! I think the Pikmi Pops Lights Ups are going to be a huge hit! Perfect to fill those Easter baskets, too!

Bows are all the rage! Bulls-i-Toys packaged neat, adorable bows inside cute packaging fit for two - keep them both for yourself, or share with your bestie! Already JoJo Siwa Bows and LOL Surprise bows are decorating pigtails across the land. In the spring, you’ll be able to bop around town with Pikmi Pop bows! Available at Target for $4.99! With 24 bows to collect, you’ll be able to wear a different bow every day of school!

Chibi Snapz are a huge hit in our house. Marcello sticks the Chibi Snapz to everything from the windows, to the furniture, to my coffee pot. It’s no wonder he loves them, they come in fun characters like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and his favorite Marvel Superheroes and Villains. You can find them in blind bags for $4.99, and since they’re buddy packs you get two Chibi Snapz. You can also find Chibi Snapz in the collectible tins that Bulls-i-Toys makes, too. Find these at Target, and build your collection and get Chibi snapped by your kids!

Mini Tins are awesome collections of your favorite characters packaged in one complete set! Inside each collectible and colorful tin are collectibles from notable lines like Baby Shark, JoJo Siwa, Marvel Universe, LOL Surprise, and more! I love everything included in these tins like the 3D bag tags featuring fun elements from JoJo Siwa like her pup and a colorful unicorn, even the Marvel tin includes one Chibi Snapz! You get so much in one tiny box for just $4.99 at Target. 

Cutie Beans are a new fun way to collect your favorite plush toys! Inside each bean is a plush toy that will be fun to squeeze. Collect your favorite Gudetama eggs, and Hello Kitty! Show off your Cutie Beans to your friends by hanging them on your backpack. They are available for $5.99 at Target.

Bulls-i-Toys have plenty of toys that are in blind bags and blind boxes for your kids to enjoy! The price point is right for any time gifts and surprises for good behavior! With Easter on its way, you can fill a basket with awesome collectible Ooshies to squishy friends to fuzzy unicorns. 

Do you have any favorites from our blog or video? Let me know in the comments below. 

When you go shopping to fill Easter Baskets? What's your budget? 

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