New Wonder Park Toys, Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Toys, Fart Ninjas, DC Comics Vehicles and more from Funrise at New York Toy Fair 2019

Funrise creates fun toys like Gazillion Bubbles, Tonka trucks, and now the new toy lines featuring Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty, Fart Ninja, and the toys from the box office hit Wonder Park. Let’s give a big thumbs up for awesome toys, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more NYTF Tours and toy unboxing videos! Let’s get started!

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty is a fun show on Nickelodeon featuring the mischievous adventures of a disco-loving kitty and her friends’ adventures. Fans of the show will love this toy line coming out later this year by Funrise. The 9 Lives Surprise Assortment comes in five different styles with adorable surprises inside. Packaged neatly in a little cat food can, you will totally be surprised with the levels of fun inside. For $9.99, you get two mini figures, collectible accessories, and stickers to decorate! The Vision Mask will help you see in full rainbow color with the light horn and Rainbow Vision lenses! For just $12.99, you can really embody the disco-loving kitty’s world! The Action Power Paws are so cuddly and cute you’ll just want to wear these cute furry paws to feel the cuddliness. They have a hidden power though! They are motion activated with each kitty swipe and respond with lights and sounds. For $24.99, you will be able to fight like our hero Felicity! Jazz up a boring backpack with fun clip-ons, cuddly plush dolls, bobblehead figures, and even interactive play sets that are hidden in cat food cans. Check out the Ask Me Anything Felicity, which is a fun take on the magic 8-ball. You can ask Felicity simple questions, and she will answer yes or no. Her eyes change, and her unicorn horn lights up for a fun, interactive experience. Rainbow kitty mask that actually lights up and when you look through the mask, it creates rainbows for intergalactic and totally disco rainbow experience. 

Fart Ninjas were the talk of the NYTF! With a life-size Fart Ninja in the lobby of Jacob Javits center, everyone got a taste of the stealthy Fart Ninja’s powers. With a motion sensor on his body, he will let them rip! With eight Fart Ninjas to collect, you can build a team of pranking Fart Ninjas letting off thunderous 10 realistic fart sounds. It’s seriously the best toy!! For only $5.99, you can plant ninjas all over the house for a Fart Ninja symphony! Also introducing Fart Ninja XL, a deluxe 5” Fart Ninja that comes with a remote control! For $14.99, you can be the ultimate fart prankster! Simply place your Fart Ninjas XL in a discrete spot, and when your prey is in sight, let ‘er rip!! I have to mention that it also comes with a martial farts accessory - every true Fart Ninja needs one. Fart Ninjas were such a hit that Marcello was actually interviewed by Mike Yard for Stephen Colbert about these new, prank toys! I hope they keep his segment in as it was very funny!

Gazillion Bubbles are a staple at all of my kids’ birthday parties! The kids love them, and it keeps them occupied, especially my toddler. Toddlers love bubbles! For $19.99, you have a mini babysitter at your next your party with the Gazillion Bubble Rush machine, it has three sections and no-spill modular design, as well as, removable washable top. It also comes with an 8 oz bottle of bubbles, which really goes a long way! You will need 6 AA batteries, which are not included. 

I love this! The Gazillion Bubblecycle! It’s a new take on a bubble mower! Bubblecycle over the grass, sidewalk, or driveway. With each movement, bubbles fly out like no tomorrow! With the power of a toy motorcycle, kids will look so cool with their new Bubblecycle! No more pretending to mow the lawn, now they can pretend to push the ultimate bubble hog! For only $19.99 (cheaper than most bubble mowers!), you also get an 8 oz bottle of bubbles. The BEST part in all of this is that there are no batteries required to enjoy this! Kids will really have to power their cycle in order to see those beautiful bubbles fly!

The Battle Blaster is a must have for everyday outdoor play! For only $9.99, blast bubbles up to as high or as far away as 10 feet! Kids will love the battling action and the heavy stream of bubbles flying out. It includes a 4 oz bottle of bubbles and will require 6AAA batteries. 

Wonder Park is the majestic, new film coming out featuring the hidden wonders of the imagination. We meet June, a creative and fun loving girl who lets her imagination soar. Available now Funrise will be sharing a whole line of wonderful toys featuring the wonderful elements of this amazing film. Just by the trailers alone, I am so excited to see it in theaters. 

The chimps are a staple in the movie, and it’s great that Funrise has created a Wonder Chimps assortment! For just $2.99, you can unbox mini rollercoaster cars and inside find the Wonder Chimp figures! Each series will reveal new colors for the rollercoaster cars and new varieties of Wonder Chimps. Different series and sets will reveal different colored rollercoaster cars. You can also connect each of the cars to create one long rollercoaster ride! 

Build your chimp for $19.99, and take home the official souvenir of Wonderland. Mix and match pieces to make your own Wonder Chimp! There 1400 different combinations, so the fun really will feel endless and will let your imagination soar! 

The new adorable plush Wonder Park Chimps are so cute! The Wonder Chimps are the souvenir of Wonderland, and this plush really smell like cotton candy just like in the movie! Collect all four, Bunny, Princess, Flower, and Bee for $14.99 each. Also in the range are the key rides like the Ferris wheel and courses featuring familiar scenes from the film. 

DC Racers projector cars, when you press on his symbol the projector will project the symbol on to a wall. Mashers vehicles come in three parts to mix and match different cars together. There are three to collect in all, and when you collect all three you can combine the Joker bonus piece that comes with each set to build an additional bonus Joker car. Rumblers can roll around and rumble for compact play. Motorized lights and sounds batmobile with pop-out wings, and fun motions. Marvel versions of these vehicles will be out this fall, and they include Captain America, Spider-man, and The Incredible Hulk. There was one additional vehicle, and I think it may have been Iron Man, but don’t quote me on that! 

Funrise also makes Tonka tinies and the built tough Wonka trucks. Connect your mini play-sets together to make larger cities, and connect your Tonka tiny containers to make cool displays. 

Finally, we finish our tour with Sunny Bunnies! We love Sunny Bunnies, and they still have adorable plush, figures, and play-sets. I didn’t even know that they came out with blind bags with these adorable micro figures of your favorite characters like Hopper, Shiny, and Iris. This collection is based on the shorts on YouTube and Disney Channel.

Let me know your favorites in the comments below! I’m looking forward to seeing all of the new toys on store shelves. Please share this blog post and our video, you’ll be helping out a tired mom who needs support for coffee and money. Thanks! 

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