Moose Toys Booth at New York Toy Fair 2019 Slime Belly Treasure X Aliens Dissection, Foam Alive Slime. Goo Jit Zu Stretchy, Squishy Action Figures!

More slime. More goo. More stretch. More gross! It's where it's at for toys and Moose Toys delivers in a big way this year! The Moose Toys booth at New York Toy Fair was seriously a treat to visit, as it always has an air of whimsy, happiness, and cuteness, but Moose Toys also knows how to keep it slimy, and will always keep you searching and hunting for the surprise instead of just ripping open a blind bag. Moose Toys are true innovators and creators in the toy industry, and I am always happy to see what's new! Check out our NY Toy Fair tour video at New York Toy Fair with some fun demos. I also have more coverage from Moose Toys coming up this week, so please follow along and subscribe! I just have to preface this by saying - these were my top three favorites from Moose Toys! 

Goo Jit Zu are based off of a YouTube series where these animal fighters ate some magical candy that gave them funny insides! Each Goo Jit Zu character has something inside of his body, which makes posing, squeezing, squishing, and crunching all the more fun! A single hero pack is $10.99, battle packs that come with two Goo Jit Zu figures are $19.99, and there is an ultimate hero pack for $29.99, which is a huge Goo Jit Zu figure that will be able to shoot slime.

Slime Belly Alien Pods dissect, extract, and squish the slime in the new Treasure X Aliens. Save the skeletons from their captors! Open up the belly of the alien and remove their rib cage, behind is a packet with slime and find the body parts of the unlucky hunter. The alien is yours to keep as a souvenir of your quest! You may be lucky enough to uncover a real space that was taken from a meteor! The alien pod can store the slime inside his head, and you can even squeeze the slime through his eyeballs! This is a great science and treasure hunting toy that I know the kids will love! It comes out this summer!

A new Treasure X playset is coming out where you have to crack open gold bars to uncover the buried hunters. There are three hunters that come with the playset. It also has a tool room to store all of your treasures that you discovered. Take your Treasure X hunters on the go with you with its nifty handle. There are many different levels to unlock to get to your treasure, which will make initial play a lot of fun. Once you conquer the levels of the vault and uncover your real gold dipped treasure, use this playset as a fun way to play and carry it along! The Treasure X playset will come in October 2019 and will be $49.99.

Foam Alive slime foam is really awesome! It looks like it is actually melting. The foam feels like shredded foam, but it is not stiff - it’s squishy and can hold its shape and even drip! I cannot wait to buy the ice cream set, because it comes with three colors purple, green, and blue. You also get fun tools to mold and shape ice cream scoops, and cones to dollop scoops of Foam Alive! 

I will have more wonderful toys by Moose Toys at New York Toy Fair coming soon. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel and our blog for Shopkins Happy Places, Scruff a Luvs, Little Live Unicorn Vet set, and more! 

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