Friday, March 8, 2019

Magical Journey with My Buddy McSpuddy! St. Patrick's Day Version of Elf on the Shelf with Leprechaun Magic!

Say hello to a new magical friend just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! My Buddy McSpuddy arrives with a pot of gold full of seven, magical gold coins and a book! On the first night in your home, My Buddy McSpuddy will take the magical coins back to MagicLand, and when you are good, he’ll leave one magical gold coin in your pot. Collect all seven gold coins to have a wish granted by writing three wishes down on the Wish List page at the back of the book. You can also wash away your worries rubbing My Buddy McSpuddy’s worry patch on the back of his elbow. On his other elbow, get good luck by rubbing his good luck patch. 

My Buddy McSpuddy is a great toy that promotes good behavior and provides that element of magic that every child needs! I love that it comes with everything that you need to start the fun and the journey with your new leprechaun friend. McSpuddy also provides confidence and is a great little plush friend to help achieve courage by canceling out worries and fears. My son, Marcello - a fine Irish name, truly believes in the power of magic, and he often has plush stuffed animals to keep him “safe” or help him to sleep. 

Begin your new magical journey in time for Saint Patrick’s Day March 17 by buying My Buddy McSpuddy online at Amazon.

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